The (Almost) Complete Guide To Turbocharging The Naturally Aspirated Second Generation RX-7 - Turbo Oil/Water Lines Installed, Upper Intercooler Pipe Installed

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Turbo coolant hoses installed

Before the upper intercooler pipe was reinstalled, the oil and water lines to the turbo were ran. Near the firewall, you see the two thin coolant lines that come off the upper intake. A plastic joint was used to connect to the stock water line, which then led down to the turbo and back up to the nipple on the upper intake. The thick hose running up the lower intercooler pipe is the rerouted heater line. Since there was no space to use the stock part due to wastegate clearance, it had to be moved. You will also notice that the airpump and alternator have been reinstalled.

Closeup of turbo oil and water lines

A closeup of the turbo oil and water lines. Note that the heater hose hides the oil feed connection, which also runs along the lower intercooler pipe to the oil cooler at the front of the car.

Oil hose connected to oil cooler

The other end of the oil feed hose connected to the oil cooler. Note the use of plumbers pipe dope, which is very important in preventing leaks in the high pressure system. Hose clamp pressure is important as well, because you don't want to cut into the hose, but you do want to securely hold it to the nipple.

Oil drain hose connected to pan

The oil drain hose was then connected to the fitting in the pan via a brass 90 degree elbow and a short section of 3/8" brass pipe. The hose is simply made out of a section of heater hose that has been warmed up in the oven and bent around a form. Since it holds no pressure, it should work just fine.

Upper intercooler pipe installed with BOV

After the oil and water lines were installed, the upper intercooler pipe was permanently installed. The vacuum line to the BOV connects to the T you saw earlier, which connects to a vacuum nipple on the intake. Note the Air Flow Meter (AFM) and air filter sitting in the engine bay. I was doing some test fitting to figure out how they could be installed.

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