The Second Generation Mazda RX-7

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For three generations, the Mazda RX-7 has brought pure sports car performance to the masses. The first generation of RX-7 was a concept car experiment, sold to the public because of the enormous reaction it generated. The second generation was a continuation of the legend the previous cars began. The third and final generation was and is a true supercar. Since 1979, the RX-7 has been one of the best performing and most unique cars on the road. Subject to misunderstanding and skepticism because of the unique rotary engine, these cars were always on the fringe of the automotive population. To drive an RX-7 is like driving no other car. Sure, it may not be the most expensive, quickest and rarest car, but until you have driven one there is no way you can understand how these cars feel and perform.

This page was created out of the passion I have for my car, a trait shared among all RX-7 owners. I hope you find it useful.

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