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If you wish to discuss electronics or ask questions about the circuits on this site, you probably want to visit the Aaron's Homepage Forum

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I'm sorry, but I am no longer answering electronics questions via email. If you need help with any of the circuits on this site, please post your question to the forum where I or another member of the community will be happy to help you.

When I started this website in mid 1995, the circuits section was actually an afterthought. I included it because at the time I was very interested in electronics and had some circuits to share that I had found useful. It was also very difficult to find quality circuits online that were published in an easy to understand and complete manor. Little did I know that the circuits were to become the most popular area of the site.

Back then, I would receive one or two email messages every few days from someone asking for help and I enjoyed answering them. People were polite, the questions were fresh and it was generally a friendly experience. However as the site grew this ceased to be the case. Soon several messages per day were coming in, most questions that I had answered many times before and that were already answered on the website. Then, it was up to 10 or so messages per day, then 100 or more per week. At it's peak, this website was generating between 200 and 400 emails per day that it was my responsibility to answer. Most didn't even have anything to do with the content on this website but were general electronics questions and cries for help! Many were rude, demanding, short form, poorly constructed and just generally hostile to read (I blame this on the massive influx of people as the Internet became more mainstream). Something had to be done.

At that point my own interest in electronics was decreasing so I decided to make it a rule that if you wanted to email me about electronics, it had to be something directly to do with this website. Those rules made very little difference to the bulk of the questions with most people assuming they were special and that the rules did not apply to them. Finally the insanity had reached the level at which I literally had tens of thousands of unanswered messages sitting in my inbox with obviously no hope of being able to handle it.

In the spring of 2001 I decided to close the electronics section completely. Banners were placed at the top of each page explaining that I was no longer updating that section of the site, and all email links were removed. It was official: that part of the site was an orphan. But to give people at least a hope of finding help, at the next update a forum was added. The forum has turned out to be a great asset to this site and has helped many more people then I as an individual ever could.

So fast forward to the present day. A few updates ago, sweeping changes have taken place. The electronics areas of the site have been re-opened for updates. I realize that the electronics stuff is by far the most popular content on this site and even though my own interest in electronics is a fraction of what it once was I have decided to keep updating the circuits page. I have many, many circuits that people have submitted over the years which will provide plenty of content for a long time. I am still not answering electronics related email but often times you can find me on the forum helping out. The beauty of the forum is that I only have to answer something once since once it is posted, it's in the open for everyone else to see.

That said, I want to make it clear one more time that I do not answer electronics questions via email. Period. No exceptions. If you sent me such a message, it will be deleted without acknowledgement.