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2023 was the first year I had been back to AutoRama since 2020. The 2021 show was cancelled for obvious reasons and I chose not to attend the 2022 show due to the COVID-19 spikes in the US during early 2022 plus the difficulty in crossing the border caused by the terrible ArriveCAN system. Upon arriving I was happy to see the show as large and packed as ever.

I'm not normally a Mustang person however the green "Shocker" (seriously...."Shocker"?) build with the Ecoboost engine and full race chassis was definitely something I'd drive. It is nice to see these cars built into something that isn't the standard big-block dragster.

This show was the first time in real life managed to see a De Tomaso Mangusta. I've always been a fan of the classic wedge shape which typifies sports cars of the '70s and '80s. It was rather amusing hearing other discuss the car because most were mistaking it for a Pantera.

It is clear that the builder of the Crimson Charger "Incision" is as talented with electronics as they are fabrication. Loved the modernized sequential LED tail lights and the LCD gauge cluster. Plus the clean look of the dash and control surfaces when all functions are consolidated to just a few buttons. Certainly not practical for day to day use but for something that just moves show to show creates a very refined look.

One of the things I wanted to see at this show were examples of air suspension setups. So I spent much of my walkaround time looking for bagged vehicles. Except I was somewhat disappointed in that the few which were present only had basic setups (no McPherson struts) or where so far towards show as to not be applicable for street use. Still there some interesting setups which got me thinking about compressor setups and air line arrangements.

Nice to see a clean and well done Fiero GT. Always been a fan of those cars and it is on the list to own at some point in my life.

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