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After a two year absence, the Bothwell Car Show was back for 2022. This was in fact the first car show I had attended after the COVID-19 pandemic so I was unsure what to expect. Would there be much attendance? Turns out, not much changed. The show to me seemed about the same as the first time I attended in 2019. I even recognized some of the vehicles.

There were a few very interesting notable vehicles in this show. Stuart Fredrich's 1968 EV Mustang was a highlight for me. An exceptionally well done EV conversion in the "older style" with a big DC motor and a Brusa controller. Tesla battery modules mounted in place of the factory fuel tank and in the trunk. There isn't much information online about this car, however Stuart had an extremely detailed build book on the car which I probably spent 15 minutes looking through. I wish more owners would do this because the build process is what makes the vehicle. Anyone can make a pretty looking car but seeing how it is welded together is the true story. Funny to me were the reactions of other attendees. Many (most?) of them were typical misinformed EV comments. So many were negative towards the conversion saying that the car was ruined (odd, since this designation is never applied to some big block rooters supercharged monstrosity which is practically underivable due to the carburetor and huge blower sticking out of the hood) or shaming the conversion for destroying a "classic". As if there is a shortage of classic Mustangs or something. I mean, come on, you can even buy a brand new '60s Mustang body and can practically order a "build a Mustang kit" from Year One. These cars are not rare. And it is amusing to consider with so many "golf cart" comments that this was probably the fastest Mustang in the show.

I actually used to see the white Zimmer Golden Spirit around the city frequently for several years. It was often parked at a local business on one of the main streets. I've always been a fan of the Cadillac XLR. A Cadillac body on essentially a Corvette chassis motivated by a 443HP "small displacement" supercharged V8? Yes, sign me up. Perhaps this is the reason I took a good long look at the Cadillac ATS-V in 2018 but it was not a financially sound move. Used XLRs are definitely affordable though.

It's rare that I come across a car I've never heard of. Not saying I know every car in the world of course, but to be completely clueless as to the existence of a particular model doesn't happen very often. So imagine my surprise when I learned of the existence of the TVR Tasmin. How could one not like the Tasmin? Classic wedge shape, 2.8L Ford V6, 5 speed, independent suspension and that chopped off full window rear end. I spent a lot of time looking that car over and must say I'm a fan.

The blue gullwing '31 Model A is absolutely as terrifying as it might look. Yes, that is far as the doors open. Yes, there appears to be only one latch at the front of the door which just slides into a roughly cut square pocket. No, I don't see any sort of weather sealing either.

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