Crosley, model 12B

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Date Of Project: Winter 1997

Crosley, 12B
This is the before,
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This is the before picture

I was given this radio for my birthday. It was bought at a flea-market for about $30. When I got it home and plugged it in, all the tubes lit. Good. At least I don't have to go hunting for new ones. However, there was no sound from the speaker. I tested the speaker with my VOM and found it was open. This speaker had a feild coil and I was not able to find a replacement. What I did to overcome this was to measure the feild coil (it was still "good") with my VOM and select a resistor with the approximate resistance of the coil. I then used the resistor in place of the coil. The resistor I ended up using was a 56ohm 5W unit I had in my junk box.

The cabinet was a different story. Someone had, in the past replaced the sides for some reason or another. They had replaced them with two particle board panels and then painted the radio an ugly brown. To make matters worse, they had cut the sides the wrong size and had used PLASTER to cover their mistakes (they painted over the plaster). I stripped the radio (I was planning to stain it) and found I could cover up their mistakes with a mahogony veneer which I would use to cover both the side panels.

After I finished with the veneer, I stained it with one "coat and wipe" of a red mohogony purchased form Copps Lumber. I then covered the veneer with several coats of clear varnish, sanding between each coat with fine steel wool.

I think the project turned out well, don't you?

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