Project Tina, Jun 15th, 2002: Downpipe Adapter, Exhaust, Finishing Up

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OK, so I lied. This is the actual last set of pictures of my NA turbo install. The car is done, and I will be starting it tomorrow (Sunday) weather permitting.

Extra nipple on intercooler plugged.

TID, AFM and air filter installed. It is a very tight fit, and I had to move the wheel well slightly with a hammer. I would have preferred to mount the AFM in the stock positon, but there was no way that was going to happen, so I had to settle for an angle...I will use the S-AFC to tune out any changes in airflow reading this may cause.

Attempted closeup of turbo inlet duct. Note the blue gasket goo that seals the nipple instlled for the BAC air hose.

The crappiest downpipe in the world. This 2.5" downpipe connects to teh Bonez SuperFlow cat in the stock location. It is only a temporary part to get me on the road...I will have a real exhaust shop make me up a good one as soon as I don't need the car for a few days. It is simply made out of 2.5" steel plumbing pipe, connected together with 2.5" exhaust pipe. The welds are so terrible because it was VERY difficult to weld the thin exhaust pipe to the thick plumbing pipe. I kept blowing holes in the exhaust pipe, so eventually I gave up with the neat welds and just piled the metal on there.

Custom stubby wrench made to help bolt the downpipe to the turbo.

Downpipe installed on turbo with O2 sensor.

Exhaust connected to downpipe.

Several pictures of the completed engine bay.

As I mentioned, the car will be started tomorrow assuming no rain. It has been raining on and off here for the last few days, which keeps screwing with my plans...All that has to be done now is to fill the engine with oil and coolant, and put a battery in there...

There has also been an unexpected problem: the drivers side power lock actuator seems to have siezed from disuse...I will have to replace that.

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