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The use of spudguns can result in some pretty impressive pictures. I have gathered a few of those here, for all to enjoy.

Spud In Mid Air
A few milliseconds after the shot. If you look closely, you can see a distorted view of the spud right above the fence post and below the basketball net.
Mid Air Spud
A better picture of a spud in mid air. As you can see, the potato was rotating as it headed toward the wall.
Spud In Mid Air
The best picture. This was taken at the same time the trigger was pressed. The potato seems to be heading straight with no rotation, but I was unable to determine if it continued on such a straight course as the frames after this were blurry.
Impressive Impact
A rather spectacular impact against a brick wall. This is the high-tech way of making mashed potatos.
A night shot. It is very dark (at least to the camera) so you cannot see the potato. However, the flame exiting the barrel after the potato is very nice indeed.

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