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There are a lot of things you can shoot in your spudgun besides potatoes. Here are a few you might want to try:

Thing To Shoot Comments
Nerf Balls They don't hurt if you get hit with one
Hard Boiled Eggs They shoot far and fast. Lubricate them with Pam or cooking oil
TimBits Most of the time they fit perfectly. Use the ones filled with jelly
Wads Of Toilet Paper Makes a very nice splat when used wet
Water Balloons Make sure that they fit the barrel perfectly. You may want to cover them in duct tape so they don't burst as soon as they are fired
Tangerines They make a nice splat
Confetti Try this one at parties
Mud In A Bag Long range and leavs a mark
Cow Patties MOOOO!
Full Beers These things have to fly FAST to blow up, but it's worth it!
Snowballs Great for getting a litte bit of a advantage in winterwars....
Tennis Balls Don't shoot 'em at tennis players during a game
Bouncy Balls Put them in front of the potato in the barrel and aim it almost straight up. Soon bouncy balls will rain down from the skies!
Glow Sticks Cut the tops off of about six glow sticks( we had a 2" barrel on ours). Insert them after the potato, gently, with the cut end up. Fire at night and you get a 30 foot cloud of surreal glowing mist. When it settles on bushes it is very weird looking.
Crab Apples These babys shoot similiar to paintballs : fast and messy.
Onions They fit in the barrel better than potatoes and they shoot further and smoother but it stinks up the gun.
Golf Ball You'll need to have a gun with a VERY small barrel to launchthis, but DAMN does it go far!!
Lemons I found it works well.
Clump Of Grass Pull a clump of grass out of the ground - make sure it has plenty of soil stuck in the roots. Shove it down the tube, and fire. Great if you can't find any fruit....
Rags Soaked In Gasoline Shove it down the tube and fire the gun. Fireball launcher!
Hamburg This stuff really splats.
Coke Bottle Tops Cut off top of 20 oz bottle top...rap in tape around base to make good seal
Caps Off Areosal Cans Just take one and shove it on the end. It's cool when they make dents in ceilings =)
Tracers Did this with model rockets. Ever seen the little plastic balls that you can get out of the gumball machines? There aregenerally two sizes. Small and large. When filled,with a liquid and then "kinda" sealed, they make great "heavy duty" paintballs. I would strongly suggest something waterbase.
Light Bulbs Simple incandescent bulbs (or LEDs) and cheap battery provided illumination at night.
Corn-on-the-cob Raw COTC works perfectly in 1.5" barrels. cut pieces about 2" long. They get a bit sticky, so you may have to clean the tube. But wow, do they go!
Frozen Oranges Use with 3" PVC. Do NOT shoot these at people, I've putone through 1/2" plywood from 50 feet.
Golf Balls You have to wrap them in damp paper towels, but about 25 feet out of the cannon the paper towels fall off and the golf ball keeps going....
Full Bottle of Pepsi (glass) Need fairly wide barrel, and it does go far,but makes hell of a shattering sound.. Awesome. ifyou tube is too small, your screwed. Too big?... justadd some duct tape around the bottle.
Sock Full Of Sand Fill a stocking with about 1/2 a cup of sand. Do not have to tie.
Frozen Twinkies Found in back of frige! Made a mess.
Raquetballs Bounce like hell when shot on a wall
Crushed stone -1/2" in diameter Drives your neighbors crazy when it hits their tin roofs!
Paintballs First you have to have some fireproof wadding in between the combustion chamber and the painballs. It's recommended that you load about 20-30 balls and to use the gun for thinly covering large areas.
Rocks Hurts like hell!
Hardened Play-Doh Make into balls, let dry, cover with soap/hand cream etc.Goes far, and makes a hell of a bang and explosion
Shotgun Pellets-#4 With a 6"-1" gun I've shot a duck. Just put a some 1" styrofoam down the barrel first and pour in about 4oz of pellets
Potato with arrow through it Ram down potato like usual then push a hunting arrow through from chamber end. Don't shoot it at people.
Iceballs In winter make a snow ball and dip it in a bucket of water , then squeez it till its solid ice. Hop in the car and find some snowmen in peoples yards......Then blow their heads off.
Slime Find a toys R us store buy like 10 containers of that goopy slime stuff (I like green) and make a cup for it our of the bottom of a 20 oz coke bottle (plastic). Put the cup in first then dump in about a galon of the green stuff :). Find someone to shoot.
Steel Wool Spud Pin some steel wool on the bottom of the spud. Ram the spud down the barrel steel wool first. When you fire it off it looks like a meteor!
Peaches Great for shooting at seagulls. They go after em.
Those plastic soldiers with parachutes Reusable and very cheap.
Eggs/Paint Eggs Take an egg and poke a small hole in both sides.. Blow the yolk out through one end. Gum up one hole with hot glue or tape (weaker). Fill the other end with paint, glue, chalk, or any other creative materials wrap around with protective wadding (paper towels, etc) to fill up cannon chamber. Pull trigger and watch it fly! (SPLAT!!)
Wet Toilet Paper No Comment
Fireworks They ignite with the flame
Dirt Get really, really dry dirt and crush it into a fine powder. Load a bunch in it, use styrofoam or a potato as wadding. Makes a really nice smoke cloud.
Little Poppy Things Those little paper, tear-drop looking things, that you throw on the ground and they pop. Use styrofoam as wadding and load a bunch in the barrel. Shoot straight up in the yard.
Bottle Rockets Remove the stick and cut a hole all the way through the potato. Insert the rocket into the hole (it should fit tight) put one drop of gas on the end of the fuse. Put this in your gun spray, and whoooosh. When the rocket has burned out the whole thing will explode. Lots o fun.
Smoke Bombs cut a hole in the back potato that is a little undersized for the smoke bomb. Cut the fuse in half, insert the smoke bomb (fuse pointing back) put a drop of gas on the end of the fuse, load, spray and fire. Good to scare people.
Under-Ripe Tomatoes If you can find a tomato bush, you can get some tomatoes that are still hard and green. Hell of a splat!
French Fries Just ram them in there and you will have a shotgun.
Cricket Balls In australia we play cricket so there is ample supply
Wet Diaper First find an un-used diaper and cut a hole in the middle of it. Shake out all of that fluffy stuff into a bowl, add a lot of water and the stuff soaks it up. Put this gel-like stuff in a small cup and drop it in your gun. Good to have fights with.
Potato Salad Stick a tater in first then Woosh!!!! May be messy....
Tinned Fruit Ppen a tin and put a handfull into a paper cup. It goes splat.
Morter Rounds (Fireworks) Very pretty if done correctly.
Ping-Pong Balls Use syringe to fill with water and freeze...Talk about distance...
Banana Great to fight with if you have a small barrel and makes one hell of a splat.
Acorns Shotgun anyone!!
Medicine Bottle Get a medicine bottle and fill it up with petrol (i.e. gas, keroseine, alcholl, ect..)then put the lid on. Then pour some gas all over the outside of the bottle and load itin your gun. shoot it at some cement walls. When the bottle hits the wall the gas will go everywhere.
Frozen Potatos Ram the potato in the gun so its the perfect size. Freeze it and you have garage-door-piercing ammo!
Doggy Doo If the neighbors dog poops in your yard all the time, and you are tired of it, take a styrofome cup and load it with the doggy matter. give the neighbor his dogs doo back!
Clay The artist choice
Old Fish Pleases your neighbors when it hits their window at 4 a.m.
Rose Petals I launch rose petals using the "Air-Launch". Much safer than a spud gun and gets a respectable distance.
Water I use the "Air-Launch" safer than a spud gun and water creates a fine mist.
Ketchup Put in stryofoam cup. Great for fake blood.
Empty Shotgun Shells If you have a small barrel, put some wadding down the barrel first, then put in an empty (strongly recommended or else you could have a real problem on your hands) 12-gauge shotgun shell with the brass end up so that it comes out of the barrel first. Goes a pretty good distance.
Frozen Tennis Balls Cut a little hole in a tennis ball, fill with water, put freezer till frozen. Should be right size. Stuff down tube and fire away. Note: DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE!! Makes loud boom when hits something hard like brick.Shot right through friends garage from 100 feet away. Have fun
Styrofoam Take two styrofoam cups cut down to the size of the barrel. Then glue them together at the base. These are cheap easy and kick ass with paintballs!
Pencils They stick into things
Squash Like the name says.
Match Heads Take some strike anywhere matches. Break a lor of heads off till you have a well sized quantity. Wrap tightly in a small bag. A small packag ewill annoy people. A large package may frighten people. A package to big, may hurt people. Please above all else use your head!!!
Shaving Cream in Medicine Bottles Makes a hell of a splat (use the gel, its better).
Flame Cloud Take some fine saw dust. Then spritz it all over with gasoline, or drench it with WD-40. Fire this at night, it is spectacular.
Flames Spray Wd-40 all along the inside of the barrel, then spray some all the way down to the combustion chamber, flick the sparker and... BOOM!!! This looks really cool.
Kamakazi Make a paper dart, yoknow the things you always make in math class. Spray the tail end with Gasoline. I certainley hope you don't shoot this in Math!
Tennis Balls With Matches Cut a hole small hole in a tennis ball, and fill it with the heads of 'strike any where' matches. Put tape over the hole and launch.
Eggs Put 5 or 6 pieces of notebook paper in first, then drop an egg in. Great for long range egging!!
Unripe Quice Just like a potato only wood!
Boiled Peanuts They make cool little splats when they hit things.
Dry Corn Kernals Shove a potato down the barrel and take it out so you have a potato slug. Cut the slug in half and stick one half down the barrel followed by some dry corn kernals then the second half of potato. This makes a really kewl shotgun!!
Soda Cans Filled With Wet Sand Increadible with a power spud gun...
Normal Potato (new method) First put your potato in the barrel, maybe 1 or 2 inches in. Then spray your propellent into the chamber, go real heavy and then put the cap on. Now push that solid Idahoe goodness down to its normal spot. This works because you compress all the air in the barrel and there is more oxygen to burn the more fuel, thus a more powerful shot with a good old spud.
Vinegar (or salt water) soaked Egg Soak an Egg in Either Vinegar or Salt water. This will soften the shell enough to fit in a 1.5 inch barrel.
Sugar Put a styrofoam cup in the barrel, put a cup of sugar in the barrel and fire. Feels really cool when falling down!
Jelly Beans Jam a wet towel down the barell and pour in jelly beans. Sticks to trees.
Dead Birds This is cool...put them in feet first, really cool if it is winter and they are frozen, they will act like darts..
Flour Sprays everywhere. Covers everything within range.
CO2 Cartridge Put an unused one in a potato or wrap it in enough duct tape so it will fit in barrel. When it hits it explodes.
Paintballs Can be used for paintaball matches to eliminate many at once....Packs a hell of a punch!
Icing Sugar Bombs Get a load of T.P., soak in petrol, lay it out flat, put in about 3oz icing sugar on the TP then wrap it up tight. Fire this - it goes flaming to its target and makes a cool fireball when it hits!
Spike Ball Take a potato and size it for the barral. Take a bunch of nails and stick into each end of the potato. Goes like hell, and sticks to anything it hits =)
Full Can Of Shaken Up Coke Shake that stuff until you can't shake no more, then load it up andblast away. Blows up real good when shot at hard stuff, and makes a nice mess too.
Resin Bullets Pour catylized resin in pipe nipple the size of your barrel. Pop it out when it sets up and grind front down to bullet-shapedhead. Crisco works as good lubrication. Will destroy anything and is reusable if bullet does not explode on impact.
Beanie Babies Piss off your little sister, really expensive!
Red Potato Fits perfect for 2" barrell! Kicks butt! Good distance and no mess. Cheap too.
Flour Flour is highly combustable when air born. Be very carefull!!
Four Foot Fluorescent Lights Need 1 1/2" diameter barrel. Wrap masking tape around the metal base of the light until light slids down into the barrel. The light explodes on impact. I recommend wearing eye protection in case of light breaking and exploding upon being shot.Caution! These lights contain mercury which is extremely poisonous.
D Cell Batteries Wrap battery in masking tape until the battery fits smoothly in barrel. Recommend Energizer batteries because they keep going and going and going.
Glue (such as modeling glue) Fill a ping-pong ball with your favorite, flammable glue, drench in gas, load and shoot. Nice fireball.
Potato w/Smoke Bombs & Strobe Flares Cut two holes in back of potato put a smoke bomb in one and a strobe flare (the things you light and they are like strob lights) in the other. Cut fuses add a drop of gas to the tip of each one.
Wet Snow Put a styrofoam wad down the barrel then add the snow. No need to pach. Acts like a shotgun.
Boche Balls Very powerful. Goes very far, durable so it won't explode went you shoot it. Explodes on impact (like brick wall or something hard) water goes everywhere.
Silverware Put wadding in, drop silverware in.
Hacky Sack or Footbag Drench in something flammable...hehehe
Plumbs When they are pushed down the barrel they lubercate it, when it hits your target the hard seed inside of it will destroy your target.
Grapes and Carrots When first making a potato gun I started with a small one. It was small enough to fit grapes and baby carrots.
Pineapple Pineapples are cool. I call it the tooty-fruity. When it hits, it splatters. A lot.
4 oz. Peanut Butter Jars For 4" barrels. Fill with anything you can think of. Packs a hell of a punch.
Gravel Take some gravel about the size of marbles (use a wad in front of the gravel). I went skeet shooting with my potato guns. Has a good spread, and decent accuracy.
Glass-Glass Filled With Sand When it hits it acts like a grenade.
Frozen Orange Juice It kinda melts which gives it a smooth ride and it sails!
Yakult Bottles Fit perfectly in 1.5 inch barrels. Use full of yakult or try emptying and filling with what ever you want.
Air Deoderizers They fly like hell, and if full they can blow a hole in the side of a car, not that you would do that.
Water First load potato, then pour in water and food coloring. Shoot when there is snow on the ground for a cool effect.
Condoms Good way to wreck an outdoor party.
Sulfur Get some powdered sulfur, mix with water, and put it in a tennis ball. Cover the opening and shoot. The target area will "wreak for a week".
Crisco Put it in a bag, it'll usually hold. If not, you've got some cleaning to do! Makes a great splat!
Wadded Sock Floats like a blimp.
Pickles Squish when they hit and make your target smell for a week.
Braziers "Animal House"?
20oz. Bottle Full Of Ice Explodes on wall! VERY COOL! Note: DO NOT shoot at people or houses!
Flaming Tennis Ball Soak Tennis Ball in Gasoline before loading. Shoots a nice meteor!
Tennis Ball Covered In Oil This looks like a flaming catapult ball. (note: it will start a fire)
Chalk Load a potato then put a cup of powdered chalk on top of it. Makes a big cloud.
Burritos Its a nasty waste of good food. Try shooting at your friend's mouth, from a good distance. Where's my Burrito?
Sausages These will make a beautiful splat!!!
Pool Balls Good for putting holes in buildings. Spectacular explosion!!
Cigar Butts Have a smoking party and save all the stogie butts.
Balls of Wax Perferrablly ear wax. Liquifies on impact.
AOL Disks! Finally a good use for them.
Macintosh Mice Because they only have ONE button.
Plastic Pop Bottles Filled With Tinkle This will leave a NASTY mess!
Hairball Wake up the cats.
Super Kamikaze Put in a potato as usual and then shove down a dozen marbles or so. Really fun. Rains marbles.
Potato Rocket Get some of those camping matches that have heaps more flammable red stuff than normal matches and stab the wood ends into the back of the potato. When you launch this the matches ignite and the potato looks like a rocket.
Baseball Unfair pitching advantage?
Spice Girls bubble gum Chew up a whole bunch of it and cover the bottom with the crappy stickers. The'll stick to anything, and are not that dangerous.
Crayola Crayons Stick in gun. And make your own drawings. If you melt them while in the gun before use they will fuse to target. Like acar, a wall, etc.
Toliet Paper Soaked In Gas Makes a fiery splat!!
Water Put a potato in then pour water in. In a second it will be raining in your back yard.
Talc In A Cloth Put talc in a cloth. Tie up the end an fire.Makes target smell nice and makes a hell of a cloud.
Old Garbage Really smelly, and found behind your local Win Dixie!
Frozen Hotdogs If barrel is small enough is makes a great projectile.
Glue Bottles Makes a nice stickey splat.
Rubber Chicken Since when can't chickens fly?
Flashlight Fun in the dark.
Horse Dung Comes in a round shape, makes a stink.
Barbie Dolls Wrap in duct tape to fit barrel, pisses off sisters.
Lead Balls Goes Far but you need a small barrel (1 1/4")
Candles Make a nice SPLAT on impact if your Barrel is the right size.
Slugs Take a few 3" bolts and wrap them in a sock. Then cover the slug with duck tape. Be careful!
Hollow Plastic Easter Egg Cut down to right diameter, fill with hot glue, load, and hang on.
Old Rifle Scopes They go a hell of a long way!
Baked Potatos Use just like a normal potato. Makes a big Splat and makes the gun kick a lot.
DRY Dog Food Put some wet paper towls in then pour in 2 cups of dry dog food.
Carrots, Peas Then you do not need to eat them.
Streamer Just take a potato, bobby pins, and ribbon. Use the pins to stick to the potato. Nice effect at parties.
Snow Globe I hate Christmas. Bah Humbug.
Mr. Potato Head Because he's the king of potatoes and he deserves to be airborne.
Lawn Darts Make sure nobody is in the way!
Cabbage Two words: SALAD SHOOTER!
Pond Slime You can get this junk at almost any pond or lake.
BB's Put them in a bag and watch out.
Vaseline In A Soup Can What a splat!
Rocket Nose Cone Fill with clay and watch it go. Also cool with body tube atached.
Rocket Engines Makes a hell of a sound
Burned Out Light Bulbs Break on impact.
Caulk This stuff makes a cool missile and when it hits.....what a mess!
School Homework My dog ate it.
Flamming Dog Poop When soaked in gas make wad out of cardboard (also soaked in gas) luanch. Wait for somebody to stomp it out.
Arrow Stick arrow through tater then fire.
Rap CDs That music sucks!!
Hair Next time you or your dog gets a hair cut save a wad. Fire and get an instant smelly fire ball.
Catsup (or Ketchup) Packages Put the potato or rag down and twist up ends so it is packed in and fire. Very messy!
Country CD's That music really sucks.
Rocket Powerd Potato Drill a hole in a potato then put a Estes rocket motor in it. Put a couple drops of gas on it and shoot it. It will explode about 3 seconds later.
Mini-Shampoo Bottles From hotels. Find ones that are round. Wrap some duct tape around them if necessary. Real aerodynamic and you can fill them with whatever you want.
Potato Grenade Take an empty CO2 catridge and fill with a flammable liquid of your choice. Shove the small end into a potato. Put potato into gun so that the end of the CO2 cartridge is facing out the end of the barrel.
Trailer Ball Hitch Will go through 3 inchs of wood.
Glass Bottle with Marbles In It Take a glass Coke bottle and fill it halfway with marbles. Shoots glass everywhere.
Dirty Old Socks Soak with something. Cool when it hits.
Spear Get a straight stick (dowel is ideal) about 2ft long. Sharpen the end and tape a few strands of cotton all about 6" long at the back. Wrap the middle and back with T.P or paper towel so it fits your barrel.
Skunk Musk Put musk in a condom and shoot it. It will stink for up to a year. The musk will stinkup in the area of 1km.
Road Flares Use duct tape to fit, unless your barrel is small enough. Carefully open up and put a moderate ammount of gas on end. Local jerks having party? Aim up and scare the hell outta them.
Condoms Filled With Rice Makes a nice white cloud on impact
Solid Blocks Of Ice Save some of that old pvc pipe that you didn't use. Pour some water in it and freeze it.
A Chain Shoot a chain ball. The chain should be like 1 foot long.
Sugar Shoot it strait up and make the air taste sweet!
Hockey Puck Unfair advantage?
Baseball Bat Watch out because it goes far.
Clock Now you can really make time fly.
Wooden Bullets Just cut to size of barrell, and WATCH OUT! With pointed tips, they will put hole in 1/2 in plywood from 50 ft!
Cherries Just shove some wet paper towels down the chute, load about 5-10 cherries and fire.
Radeshes Its shotgun time.
Toilet Paper Soaked in Gas Makes a fire ball. Really big!
Sparkler Light then toss down barrel so it sticks in potato. Streaks across sky.
Pennies Really cheap
Dry-Ice Bomb Fill a small water bottle with hot water and dry ice, squeeze the bottle (gives you a few extra seconds) and twist the lid on TIGHT and drop down your barrel (which hopefully your friend is already lighting).
Jelly Beans They fit perfectly.
M80 Put in potato, light, then drop in barrel and shoot. Blows up nicely
Egg Filled With Alcohol Put 2 holes in egg then seal 1 with tape. Use other hole to fill with alcohol or gas. Big fireball on impact.
A Tube Of Toothpaste Goes far, it's fun when it splats on a wall, you may need to wrap TP around it
Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Ranch Dressing Step aside for the REAL salad shooter.
Jewlry Really make your mom mad. (That's a joke!!)
A ball of Duct Tape Fun to shoot at friends for target practice. Doesn't hurt, but will stun small animals.
Silverware Put a wad or potato in tne fire away.
Potatos stuffed with lead fishing weights These suckers will go through a fridge. It leaves big holes because the potato explodes and the lead mushrooms like a bullet.
Paint Grenade Wrap the paintballs in a paper towel. Looks really really cool if shot aginst a wall.
Sharp Pencils Take a bunch of sharpened pencils and wrap duct tape around em so the wedge in barrel. Middle pencils fly out tip first creating a shotgun effect sticking into trees or what ever it's shot at. On impact pencils shatter leaving the lead points in target.
Cottage Cheese Widely available. Wide pattern. Wide Smiles.
Cucumbers Aerodynamic.
Yarn Soak yarn in gas and you have a nice fireball.
Pizza Just stuff pizza in a bra then into barrel.
Wax Bomb Get a piece of pipe the same size as barrel. Fill with melted wax. Let it dry. Pop it out, load it, fire!
Spaggetti Boy does it go everywhere!
Wooden Balls Get them at a craft store. Buy the size that fits best.
Plunger Put tape around the end and fire at hard flat surface.
Jello Use barrel scraps, and an end cap.
Air Fill your gun with the barrel covered then uncover the barrel and fire. Makes a hell of a bang with a short barrel.
Cement Pour wet cement into a piece of pipe the same diameter as your barrel. Wait an hour and you've got one hell of a slug.
Thin Metal Pipe Push it into a spud to get the right size. Fire on a tree. Repeat until you've got a ladder.
Bingo Ink Dabbers Wrap with electrical tape in 1.5 inch barrel. HUGE PAINTBALL.
Spike Balls off of a SweetGum Tree Shove a spud down then load a few of the spiky balls off of a SweetGum Tree. Leaves a Green Chlorophyl mark on people or anything else.
Lighters Tape a few together (to fit barrel size).These suckers go and explode on impact!
Spray Paint Graffiti is much more fun with an explosion!
Tin of Corn Open one end of this and tape it as needed. This will make a huge mess on a wall when the can bursts everywhere.
Shoes They sometimes pop, these suckers are damn unpredictable!
Methoed T-paper Toilet paper soaked in metho is a fun way to wake up the neighbours.
Flaming Pumpkin Guts Take a wad of TP and squirt gas on it. Take about 2 cups of pumpkin guts and pour in some more gas. It makes one hell of a cool ball of flame. It also smells like burning pumpkin.
2 oz. Plastic Jars of Paint Wrap it in some wadding and then have fun .
Film Canisters I recently picked up a couple hundred at the local Film Developing place. You should probobley duct tape around it so it fits. You can put anything in them.
Muffins Is that food falling from the sky?
Playing Dart Stick it in a potato.
Beans Just put'em in a little bag and shoot.
Little Baggies Filled With Gas Makes a big fireball as it exits the barrel.
Ice Cream Cones I kid you not, these things are funny and can be used as holders for shotgun-type charges.
Pine Cones Soak in gas for 5 minutes. Put in barrel wide end first. Sometimes little pieces of the pine cone fall into your chamber and have to be cleaned out.
Penny Pennies from heaven?
Mechanical Pencils Empty the inside and put in lighter fluid. Soak the eraser in lighter fluid also. Fire, and enjoy!
Pieces Of Meat Just cut a chunk of meat to the right size, soak in petrol and fire. Mmmmm BBQ.
Smoke Bombs If your barrel is to big wrap it in tape.Stick it in the barrel, make sure you light it fast then fire quickly.
Can of Icy Hot Put Icy Hot in plastic bag and let it fly.
A Drinking Glass Put a glass over the end of your barrel and shoot. It flies pretty good. If shot at a wall it makes one hell of a shattering noise.
Iron Ore Pellets Find them on railroad tracks. Good for small game hunting.
Bird Seed The birds really love this (and if you get lucky you might hit one).
Cheerios Just a nice little effect (add milk if you want).
Tooth Paste Nice little SPLAT.
Wet towel with flour inside Makes a nice little mess (might need to pack with something so the towel doesn't blow up inside the barrel).
Potatoes For when you run out of... oh. wait. That's why they're called potato guns.
Softball Bat Goes farther than baseball bat
Stink Bombs Get a barrell that fits then launch at peoples porches.Works well if the crack head is having a BBQ party.
Plastic paratroopers Launch about a dozen. Have a friend take "pot shots" at them.see how many you can take out!
Tae Next time you're in the Philippines, pick up some "Tae" they're fruit that will fit in large barrels, they grow everywhereand stink A LOT.
Fine flour For a nice howitzer effect, stuff a couple paper towels down the barrel as wadding, then carefully pour in about 1/2 to 1 cup of fine baking flour. Produces a loud boom, and a nice simulatedsmoke cloud
Nitromethane Soaked Rags Soak enough rags or paper towels in nitromethane (model fuel)produces a beautiful streaking flame ball. Most effective when used at night.
1.5" Pipe A length of 1.5 (id) pipe filled with bondo, epoxy, resin ect.and ground down in front to make it more aerodynamic will make anextremely powerful (not to mention car door piercing) projectile.*WARNING* DO NOT shoot one of these at anything you don't want destroyed!
Cornbread Muffins Ran outta ammo? Got some old cornbread muffins just layin' around? Cornbread muffins make good projectiles and burst upon firing, great for feeding the birds.
Pill Bottles Perscription pill bottles come in all sizes, thus will fit all barrels. Just use paper towels as wadding, or some duct-tape for a snug fit. Can be filled with most anything, water,ice, rocks, lead, black powder etc.
Hollow-Point Spuds Use an apple corer, or a knife to carve out the front of a spud.This technique gives a spectacular burst upon impact with a hard surface.
Condom Full of Shaving Cream Put in after spud. Makes a really big splat.
Junk Mail A new meaning to AIR MAIL!
Vomit Anyone you need to get revenge on? Give them a toxic shower!
Cattails They make exellent flamming torches once dried and then soaked in gas.
Skateboard Wheels If you have a large enough barrel
Canned Dogfood Good size, and holds shape well
Minced Meat Almost a roadkill effect on impact
PVC Pipe Get some that is about 1/2 the diameter of your barrel, heat the ends and spread them out.
Beefy Italian Sausage Links Nice flight and messy splat but it gets expensive
Peanut Butter Can Fill it with paintballs then shoot it. It makes a big mess.
Saw Dust A nice big cloud of wood chips! Watch your eyes.
Barbie Doll Heads soaked in Gas Flaming heads!!
Blueberries Will go through 2 layers of cardboard at 30 feet with soft ones. Dont have to worry about richochetes or breaking glass (hasn't been tested, but probably).
Plastic Grocery Bag Doesnt go far, but it makes a hell of a noise!
Little Sunny Delight Bottles Very fast and cool if filled and soaked in gas!
Cut Up Potato Put potato in first dice up anuther potato and pour it in.Fire at hard surface, makes huge SPAT
Mini-Vortex Footballs Go long!!!
A Bottle Of Hair Spray Be careful! If not rapped in duct tape can explode while leaving barred.
Water Sponge Balls Great for water fights, and don't hurt.
PVC Mortar Put some gun powder in a PVC pipe and put caps on the end. Then put a shotgun primer in one end, shoot at safe distance. Very dangerous!
Can Of Butane Explodes on impact. Very dangerous!
Solid Bar Of Steel With 1.5" air cannon, the bar can blow clear through a 55 gallon drum and continue on for 175-200 yards!
Potato Mmace Put nails in two sides of the potato and shoot sticks into objects (not people).
Pears By far the best alternate ammo
Tennis-Ball Bomb Make a small hole in a Tennis-Ball and fill it with heads of matchs.BOOM ! Be careful.
Dowel Rod Get a dowel rod the same diameter as your barrel (might have to sand to get it to go good) cut it about 5" - 8". Put directly into gun or get a smaller diameter and put it in a spud
Flaming Arrow Wrap duct tape around middle of arrow and rap a peice of fabric around the end. Dip in flamable liquid light and launch. CAUTION: Will start fires (duh).
Gum Chewed gum, very sticky
Bread And Butter Makes a slippery mess.
Vibrators Great party crasher!
Nail Darts Take some 5 inch nails sharpen the points then glue or tape some 1"cotton strands at the heads to stabilze them.Stuff a potato down the barrel and put in as many you can fit then fire. Penetrates anything (these things can kill so don't shoot at anything living and be carefull in general).
Exploding Bottle Fill a 20oz bottle 1/4 the way up and squeeze. Place in barrel.Fill with water and quickly cap and shoot. The preassure will explode the bottle in 30 sec to 2 min. Makes a loud bangrelativly safe.
Beer Bottle Filled With Gas Get a beer bottle fill it 3/4 of the way with gas. Then stick a gas socked rag and stick it in the bottle. Stick the rag end into the gun and fire. The combustion of gun will light the rag and the bottle will explode in fire ones it hits the ground (sometimes ther fire goes out in mid air). Do NOT drink when using a spudgun!
Nail Polish Bottle Take a bottle of nail pollish and wrap duct tape around the top so it fits in barrel. I think I created a new form of art. It's fun.
Coffee Soak a towel in gas, stuff it in barrel , and pour coffee in. Makes the air smell great.
Potato Filled With Paint Cut a potatoe in half, hollow most of it out, put paint inside , and tape back together. Makes a pretty picture on a wall.
Rubberband Ball Wrap rubberbands together until the resulting ball is the same diameter as barrel. Goes far, and packs a whollop.
Sound Generator 555 timer IC based piezo noise generator. Basically, build your standard 555 sound circuit, wire up to piezo sounder from dead smoke alarm or other such device, and connect to 9V battery. Set for about 2KHz. May sound amusing.
Strobe Light Unit Build a strobe using LEDs or incandescents on 5Hz cycle. 555 timer IC based circuits work OK for this, or just a standard 2 transistor multivibrator. Additional "feature" is a piezo buzzer so you can find it again.
Dry Ice Get some Dry Ice and put in plastic bag, fire it. Quite amusing "fog" effect.
Leaves Beats rakin' 'em.
Nuts They're sure go flying
Six inch dart with fins Buy a 6 aluminium nail and hot glue 4 fins on the back end. Dont stand in the way.
Flaming Log Great at camp. Watch the landing. Please don't set the forest on fire.
Empty Pill Bottles Bang.
Party Streamers At paper supply places you can get paper streamers. Put them in a styrofoam cup and tie one end of the streamer into it.
Old Magazines Roll 'em up and let 'em fly, sometimes catch on fire
Hacky Sacks Fire on a wall that you don't care about and see an explosion of flaming string and rice
Binacca Cans Bundle these together and wrap thououghly in duct tape. Explode on impact.
Slinky Screw a slinky that is less than the diameter of your gun into a potato then put it in slinky first. The result will be a flying coil of metal.
Legos If you are like me, you have millions of these little buggers, just put in some wadding, and fill the barrel up with legos. Reminds me of Army Men (the psx game)
Cottage Cheese Mixed With Ketchup & Scrambled Eggs Readily available, & looks like someone had their brains blown out when they get hit by it.
Rubiks Cubes Cause you cant solve those damn things...
Crushed Intel Processors Slightly expensive, but hey...
8 oz Lead Fishing Sinkers Put on top of potato and these will go through 2-3 inches of plywood!
Marbles For use with a 0.5 inch barrel. Goes to far to see and works great for ammunition. Dont point at anything that you don't wan't damaged or hurt.
Furby Those stupid things should be blown to pieces
Doggy Biscuits Load and fire. Excellent for training your bird dog.
Chicken Drumstick Open wide!
Day Old Free Newspapers Get those freebee newspapers that they throw on the yard. Boom, splat.
Quaker Oats You ever had any of those pedestrians walk in front of you while you are driving? What about those cars that you don't know who they belong to that park in front of your house? This will make their day!
Candy Halloween, keep thoes peskey trick-or-treaters away.
Sponges Good for fireballs if you soak them in WD-40
Calking tube Leave some weight in the front and put some duct tape around it to seal it,then fire it, it will fly like an arrow(leave tip on_
Brads (Small Nails) Just take a whole bunch and shove them in after a potatoe,VERY distructive, can damage barrel
Can Of Beans This is awesome!
Stale Gumballs I happened to have a bunch of stale gumballs lying around. You can use a french fry cup as a sabot. They shatter when they hit hard surfaces!
Vitamen E Capsules Take a handfull of these babies and put them in front of spud or other wadding, great shotgun. If you wet them a little and squeeze them together they will stick togethter. Not for shooting at people.
Sidewalk Chalk Put in front of wet toilet paper and fire at a brick wall. Haven't tried it myself but it makes a nice cloud.
Printer Cartridges Wad wet T.P. and then load two cheap black ink cartridges, Big splat and unpedictable path!
Shrapnel Stuff tightly wrapped sock in barrel add screws, nails, nuts and some BB's
Soap If you have a same barrel try this out (use bars or little shaped ones)
Film Canisters Fill with paint and make sure you tape the cap closed!
Grease tubes Load a piece of styrofoam/potato etc. for wadding then remove the lid of the tube and place it in the "tatter tosser" open end pointing toward the open end of the barrel.
Rubber Cement get a jar of Elmer's rubber cement and remove the top. dampen paper towel with gasoline , then pack into jar, so as not to let cement escape bottle. Upon impact, acts like napalm: 20-foot-diameter flame pool. Great at night.
Un-opened Yogurt Be sure to tape up. Makes a big splat.
Empty Silicone Tubes About 2" in diameter, 10 inches long, with a big spike on the end.
Candy Canes and Holiday M&Ms Fun for christmas...until the neighbours call the cops!
Worms Pack in front of spud
Egg Soaked in Vinegar (over-night) Can be used in 1 in. to 2.5 in. barrels, depending on how long you soak them.
Christmas Candles The ones that are 1.5in in diameter and are 2in long. Sounds like a 30.06 when it goes off. Might have to tape the base of the candle for it to fit the barrel correctly.
Eyeballs Get some from your science teacher. Come in all kinds of sizes. Explode if frozen. Launch at the neighbors house and watch them spread! Dip in something flamable if you feal naughty.
Fire Babies Dip one of those freaking Beanies in gas and stick in plastic bottle with the open end going down towards expansion chamber. Burn baby burn!
R.L. Stine Goosebumps Books They all suck anyway might as well have a good use. Fun when dipped in oil.
PokeMon Cards Wrap in duct tape dip in grease for slickness.
Furbys Dont tell your Sis that her Furbys takin' a trip (might need convincing to fit in barrel).
Gasoline Douced T-Shirt! This liitle baby makes any persons day brighter!
Thundering King A "Thundering King" is a firecracker. Take the insert out of the cracker tube, cram the insert down your barrel and fire. Glows bright green and goes off with a huge bang. NOTE: If it doesn't come out of the barrel, chuck the gun and run like all hell!
Car Alternator Need a really big barrel, but can cause alot of damage!
Tootsierool Bank Fill with whatever, and duct tape to get a good fit and let'er rip!
Soda Can Take soda, shake well, freeze, heat for 20 seconds, shake well, tape to a potatoe, stuff in launcher, and shoot a brick wall. Makes a great "KABOOM" and soda shoots everywhere.
Blanks Good for scaring people! Get a piece of cardboard and cut it to barrel shape so it is faces down as if a spud. Then fire as usual. It makes a huge bang but nothing comes out!
Shovel Put in handle first.
Watermelon Requires a huge barrel but makes a big splat.
Home Brew Paintballs Take ping-pong balls and fill with some color that you want your target painted. Fill using a syringe. These are available from school labs/vetrenary hospitals. Cut hole using small drill bit to insert syringe tip.
Gatorade Bottle Filled With Super Glue Shoot at doors!
Fish Heads Cut em' off and shoot!
Panties Kind of funny...
Condems Fill with sand. Fits in any barrel!
Salt or Pepper Shaker Works OK if you wrap in enough duct tape. If filled, it makes an awesome mess!
Ding Dongs They shoud fit in your barrel perfectly. Stack them together and they will blow up in seconds
Sunny Delite (Small) Pack it in tight by jamming it against the ground.
Bananas With Firecrackers Inside Tight as hell when they explode.
Osolete Mobile Phone Open it, remove battery (or tape the contacts), pour gas in and tape it all over with masking tape. Leave a fuse.
Cement Filled Condoms It is cool when you hit a wall.
Cow Crap Balls Put a peice of crap in to a sock and it is cool!
Hell Of Flames Condoms wraped with duct tape.
Inverse 600ml Pepsi Bottle Fill 600 ml pepsi bottle with gasoline. Poke small 5mm hole into the cap. Place very thin piece of paper to bottle cap. Load in gun backwards. When it flies, and oohhh baby doe sit fly, you get a 200yrd streak of flame flying behind it.
Umbrella put it in open or shut, like a harpoon gun,I havent tried it, but I just thought of it and it sounds great, Marry poppins Away!!!!!!!
Compressed Coke Bottle Drill a hole it the 20 oz. Bottles cap the size of a pump, and then stick you bycicle pump in and really pack it, then slip tape around the needle and quickly remove the needle while squeezing the tape, to keep in air. Wait after firing to hear the proper "BONG" sound. Other such sounds may occur.
Weed Infestation Take alot of weed seeds or roots and fire it into some punks yard, within a month it will be overgrown with weeds and ivey.
The Ultamate Paint Ball Take a ballone and fill with paint of your choise makes a hell of a mess good for painting neibours house in midle of the night.
Mayonase In Jar As long as it fits your barral your target turns white.
Pikachu Dolls the only thing this funny looking guy is good for
Spice Girls CD`s They`re back on air
Small Tin Of CITADEL (C) Paint Even better than paintballs, plus they come in many nice colors.
PokeMon Movies Now every one can see them.
Dust Of A Loved One Who Just Got Cremated They'll probably appreciate being buried at sea, at the falls, etc.
BackStreet Boys CD`s No I want it this way!
Watermelons, Other Melons Remember always to have a big enough tube, if not your gun'll go BOOM! Otherwise general great splatting fun!
Pringle Surprise A pringle can, short or long, will fit in most guns and launch, fill it with whatever you want.!
Easter Egg Paint Ball Fill a plastic Easter egg with paint and put some tape around the middle were the gap is. Makes a watermelon sized splat.
Mayo Put a cardboard wad in the barrel. Fill the barrel with warm mayo. Really stinky on a font door.
Water Ballon Filled With Viniger Great prank.
Miniature V8 Cans Will Fit 1.5" - 2'' Barrel It makes a hell of a mess and it goes far.
Spool of Thread Shove a spud in, then tape/tie one end to the top of the barrel.
Analog Audio Tapes Please, that is so 90's. Use wadding.
Juggling Balls Those little four-color balls that come in packs of 3's work great in 2" barrels.
Flour Fill and close film canisters for explosion on impact, or keep them open to make a cloud
Jacks You know, the ones you used to play when you were a kid! Just cut the bottem of a 20 oz plastic bottle off, and fill it up with jacks! If you sharpen the edges you can get a couple to stick into trees!
M&M's Ram a spud down the barrel put lots of M&M's in the barrel with some water. Works like paintballs.
Paintballs Get a Ping Pong Ball and cut or drill a small hole in it. Use a syringe to inject it into the ball. Once full, wrap some electrical tape on it and make sure it covers the hole. Splat!
Pine Cones + Rocks Just jam in so wadding (damp paper bag/plastic bag) first
Ceramic Magnets Sitck in barrel and shoot at something metal, your target will be covered with a fine black mist that will never come off.
Audio speakers You get all 3 major spudzooka ammo types - pointy things (the metal frame), flammable things (the paper cone), sticking things (voice coil and magnets)
Dry spaghetti Very pointy and cheap too.
Scattergun Insert potato. Pour in main ammo (jello and cottage cheese will work well). Place piece of old metal window screen (tape it well) over end of barrel and fire. Scatters to varying degrees depending on size of holes in screen.
Blunderbuss Lots of preperation, but it's worth it. Fill Ziploc bag with assorted things (screws, nails, rocks, glass, Skittles, be creative). Tie or glue a 15-20 foot piece of strong fishing line or string to bag. Secure other end of string, either to the spudzooka itself or to some stable object behind you. Fire. When bag reaches end of string, anything in front of detonation point will disappear.
Door Knobs Load them in wide end first. It's like a slug for a potato gun!
Frozen Oranges Goes Futher than apples or potatoes. Cheap and Deadly
Sand Filled Beer Cans Fill them with sand an put them in.
Fake Blood In A Bag blows up real good. Cover it in duct tape.
Furby's 'Cause they're just not good for anything else...
Superman Figures Is it a bird? is it a plane? NO! It`s superman flying in fire!
A Wet Sponge Put sponge down barrel then soak with water.
Sandwich Bag Full Of Feathers And Glue Or Oil Bamm!!
Plunger Wrap duck tape around the handle until it fits in the barrel and shoot at something smooth so it will stick.
Rolls Of Pennies Taped To Fit Barrel Goes very far, but can be dangerous.
Kecthup Shoot it at a friend in a white T-shirt then lay him down on the road you'll see what happens.
Jack In The Box Antenna Balls More than for your antenna!
Onions These things fly like a bat outa hell! Gotta try it. When you shoot it smells like cooked oinions.
Popcorn Kernals Like a shotgun
Old Analog Modem, Broadband Rocks Some of the parts you have to break a few times, the wires and boared make a nice smell after shot, use that old technology for something useful.
Flashlights They have a very cool effect at night. Wwrap in duct tape for correct fit
Hot dog in Bun Bun evaporates upon firing leaving a speeding hot dog to hit anything in its path.
Cheese In A Can Big gooey mess, wrap in duct tape to fit snuggly into barrel, flies REAL long, explodes on impact, lotsa fun.
Sister's Bras Wad up a few and launch into a neighbors back yard. "What the heck is this?"
Ziploc Bag Filled With Magnesium HIGHLY DANGEROUS! Makes a white flame real bright. Do not look at it directly.
Old Firework Fountain Wrapped In Duct Tape Find one just under your barrel size, tape it up. Very powerful, reusable.
Purple Rain fireworks Assuming your gun is strong enough the purple rain will shoot out crazy ass sparks and look cool. (They sell for 2 to 3 dollars)
Used Up 22 Shells It's like a mini shotgun and goes far.
Stick of Pepperoni Will bring every scavenger in the state
Mc Donald's cheeseburgers Be sure to say "Robble Robble" when you shoot them out.
Matchbox Cars Torments your little brother
Car Pistons Just grease it and slide it down the barrel makes a huge hole through some objects. Lawnmower pistons work too. And for those of you with really small barrels use a R/C plane piston. Please remove the piston rings first as they are razor sharp.
Dry Ice Bomb Place the dry ice into a bag and use a hammer to crush the dry ice. Pour the ice in to a 16 oz bottle. Start filling your gun with propane. Once you have loaded your propellent, pour warm water into the bottle and screw the cap on. Launch immediately . The explosion is louder than a large firecracker
MR. Puller Get a suction cup type devicesuch as a plunger and tie along peice of string to it. Load in your cannon and fire at someobject. Use the rope to drag the object towards you
Pincher Of Peril Get a jaw type trap "such as a racoon trap" and load with the jaw facing out towards the barrel. Fire at a treebranch or the edge of a table and it will grab on.Tie some string onto the trap if you want to drag the object
Green walnuts They are much better than potato
Little Taco Bell Dogs I hate those little Taco Bell dogs
A Bottle Of Ink Really cool when it hits a wall.
Buffalo Shoes Put a lot of deodorant inside after you have filled about 1 litre of gasoline into it. That kicks ass!
Flaming Spud Leave in gas for 1/2 hour before you shoot it. Be careful!
Whip Cream And Soda Makes it very sticky and splatters whip cream everywhere.
Coors Light Can Fill with gas and oil, duct tape top and stuff it in. Nice explosion. It might start a fire.
Railroad Ties/Big Nails Put wadding in barrel then put in big nails. Great if you're a contractor.
Tennis Ball With A Hole In It Fill the ball with egg yokes
Black Wallnut Black wallnuts work very well. Be careful because they are hard.
White Out The little bottels of white out make a big mes, and dry's pretty fast.
Frozen White Castle Burgers Can go through plywood.
Friend's Car Keys Wrap in paper towels. Can be difficult to find
Nectorine This is good because it fits very nicely down the barrel and makes a tight fit.
Anything That Would Cover And Area With Stain Eggs, beans, rotten fruit, veggies, ink, paint etc. Stand the gun like a morter, calculate tragectory, fire!
Silicon Tubes Can be filled with an assortment of fun stuff.
Marshmellows Cheap, shoot far really sticky, need large ones.
Wood Dowel Place a wood dowel about 2 inches long and use any sort of wadding to back it. I once shot one through a 3/4 inch piece of plywood andit kept going
Hedge Balls You know those green things that grow on trees? They go far and hit hard!
Homework I swear my spud gun ate it !
A Roll Of Quaters Need a small barrel but it is incredibly powerful and expensive.
Handballs Just like raquetballs, but smaller and more compact
Pencils Great for shooting pigeons
Eve Deoderant Spray Perfect cylindar and will explode if it hits something hard. Watchout for shrapnel
Shot Gun Mode Dril a hole in the potato and fill with BBs. Stick it in the barrel hole facing up and fire.
Shotgun Mode 2 Wrap about 50 BBs in a paper towel. The paper towel will fall off and the BBs will keep going
Soft Pears Makes one hell of a splat
Woody From Toy Story He shouldn't have screwed with Buzz
Tootsie rolls Shoot up ward at holloween!
Kinder Suprise Eggs Fill them with sparkler stuff
Magnesium Bombs Self ignited and blow in mid air. Awsome.
Pumkin Goo Put your pumkin on ground shove gun inside so you make a seal, then load up on the goo.
Sock Filled With Plaster Makes a nice mark on buildings and such, try it when its raining. If left untill dry it is hard to remove.
Those Damn Robotic Dogs The're trying to take over the world!
Barbie Doll Heads Stick Barbie Doll heads into a sandwich bag drenched with gas, die BARBIES DIE!!!
School Pens They're free and they are good to make splats.
Lug Nut With ample muzzle velocity this will cause some damage (duh).
A Cigarette Lighter It will explode if it hits the ground.
Ice Plug Get pipe the width of your barrel, plug one end, fill with water and freeze. Pop it out and you got yourself an ice plug
Snow Missles Take some wet snow and pack it, then make the top into a cone shape and stuff it in your gun. Don't shoot at people as it shoots really hard if you use good propellants or about 20 seconds of hair spray.
Mini Stapler Revenge on the school
Sister's Stuffed Animals Great way to piss her off
Pens, Pencils, ink cartriges Fun after end of school
Avacodos Not just good to eat but good to shoot. Makes a nice green splatter.
Car Body Filler Mould barrel size. Sharpen if desired.
Honey Mixed With Syrup It makes a big splat.When it dries, it gets hard and is hell to clean up!
Limburger Cheese and SPAM Got any neighbors you hate? This is a great way to crash their pool party. This stuff smells and looks like vomit!
Rocket Napalm Core a potato and soak some matches in oil. Fill the hole in the potato with matches then fill the spaces between the matches with hair gell that contains alcohol. Cover the hole with toilet paper load it in "hole first". Be careful.
Dixie Cups Jam a little 2 oz. Dixie Cup on the end of a 1.5 in. barrel. Don't put on to hard though. They are coated in wax, and will catch on fire!
Ping Pong Balls Filled with Liquid Cement. Makes a nice bang and a nice ding on metal closet doors.
Pokemon Stuff Cram some of the little Burger King Pokemon keychains in there with some wadding.
Grapes Stuff some wadding then about 20 grapes, and some more wadding.
Ice Take PVC and fill with water. Freeze and shoot the slugs. Hurry because if it melts you will loose the seal.
Christmas Balls (the glass ones) Wrap in duct tape to avoid explosion in barrel. These things make a great "pop" when hitting things.
Childs Building Blocks Take your little brother's building blocks and have fun.
Trailer Ball The balls used on trailer hitches. May need wadding.
Flour Balls Mix flour & water to make a ball and shoot. Sticks to everything.
Metal Stuff Spark plugs, matal steaks, ect. Most metal objects fly pretty far, but can be dangerous.
Gym Socks Load with lots of persperation. Gym teacher would probably enjoy this on his head (that was a joke).
"Pool Acid" (or hydrochloric ac9d) In A Bottle W/Tin foil Take a plastic bottle that fits you barrell, then put a little acid in it, then add some tin foil. After that put the cap on and quickly shoot. You only have about 15 seconds before it explodes so do quickly. This mixture released hydrogen gas.
Darts Cut paper plate halfway to center, roll into narrow cone, push large nail through center, duct tape heavily, trim trailing end of cone to fit barrel bore. These will perforate anything not made of steel or concrete. Be careful.
A Pice Of Fruit Cake Makes a big dent
Lemons They fit perfectly in a 2" tube and go really far!
Ballons Filled w/ Ketchup Fill just like water ballon, but with Ketchup.
Silicon Mold Take an extra piece of your pipe for a mold (same size as barrel) and get some silicon cauking. Squeeze it in mold. Before it is completely dry (soft and mushy in the middle) take it out of mold and shape the top to a point for better flight. When it hits it makes a huge sticky mess.
Toilet Paper soaked in gas This stuff flies out of the barrel and makes a HUGE fire ball. Use WD-40 as propellant and watch it fly. Very dangerous.
Pop Can And Pennies Take a pop can cut it in half. Use wadding to fit it in your barrel. Then fill it with a big handful of pennies.
Flame Thrower Spray the inside of your barrel with some WD40. Fill your combustion chamber with propane quickly and fire as soon as possible.
Dry Wall Use dry wall mud to make a mold of your barrel. It may take a while to dry but when it hits a hard target it explodes into a ball of dust.
Cheese Splat Melt some nacho cheese and put it in an object to fit your barrel.
PVC Rockets Take hot vegetable oil and dip your PVC pipe in it until soft. Take it out and form it to the inside diameter of your barrel. Install an end cap. These thing fly far so be careful.
Sticks Put a wet rag in the top of the barrel then use the stick to push it in, leaving the stick stuck in the barrel making it fly 100+ yards!
Hair Balls It is fun to shoot them.
Unripe Oranges Fly far and really cheap.
Boiled Candy Be careful. This stuff is hard.
Flaming Candy Shotgun Put in a wad of dry paper towel and pour in jawbreakers, M&Ms, Skittles, etc. When you launch them the sugar on the outside will catch fire. It's really cool a night.
Avacado Core If its fresh the avacado "meat" will lubericate it. If its too small use cooking oil to grease it.
Icecicles Shove a snow ball down the barrel first. Then put in the icecicles down point up. Its cool to watch the icecicles break on trees
Flour Injected Potatoes Great to shoot, just make a hole in a potato, pour the flour in, put some wadding around it, and when it hits, it makes a nice mess.
Flaming Merthiolate Sparking Cottonballs II This is awesome. Get a pair of paper cups, cut one into quarters and leave one intact. Soak some cottonballs in a solution of 70% merthiolate (found in some first aid kits), 10% lighter fluid, and 20% rubbing alchohol mixed with car oil. Freeze the cottonballs (so they wont stick together, put in icecube tray) sprinkle them with magnesium dust, then put them in the paper cup that isn't cut up. Then take the other cup, tape part of it to the un cut cup. The idea is that it opens like a shotgun shell. Squeeze as many more balls in as you can. Squirt the back of the uncut cup with WD-40 and gas. The uncut cup goes in the back part of the barrel, the cut one facing out. Fire at night. This is like fireworks but safer.
Chopsticks Sharpen the ends and stick them through a potato.
Water Ballons Have you ever been playing paintball and feel that you are in need of a grenade laucher or mortar? Well here is a safe way to shoot water ballons at your friends. First make a circle of cardboard the size of your barrel then take two pieces of cardboard and glue them onto the circle of cardboard so that the finished product looks like a cardboard tube cut in half. Then just slide in the balloon and load the shell, when the shell exits the barrel of your cannon the cardboard will fall off and the balloon will sail away to paint your target!
Small Sunny Delight Bottles Cover a sizable distance, and send nasty, sticky juice flying over a large area.
Dog Breath Tablet Cans Empty a plastic can of dog breath tablets and fill it with water, sand, etc...Fits great into 2" barrels.
Rotten Meat Smells awfull but is cool, breaks up in air but doesn't go far at all. When it hits houses or tree's it sticks and stinks!
Foil Covered Toilet Paper Chunk Put some toilet paper in bowl pour water in it. Make few balls out of it. Then cover each ball with aluminium foil.
Whistle Take an ordinary referee wistle, tape it to two nails and shove the sharp ends of the nail into the potato to be loaded. For added effect widen the blowing end of the wistle with a funneling piece of plastic cut from a pop bottle and melted to the whistle. When launced sounds like an angry referee on sterroids. Best used to wake up the neighbours late at night!
Ceaser Salad Stick a potato in first. Lots of fun, messy, crutons make crumbs which stick to chamber walls. Smells horrible when cruton burns. Have fun watching the lettuce stop in mid air and slowy fall to the ground.
Rag Bullets Cut strips of any old rag and wet. Then roll as tight as possible untill you have a "bullet" just slightly bigger than your barrel. Wind tight with fishing line or other string, then pack tightly into barrel and fire.
Assorted Women's Underwear Use a piece of foam to act as a wad, then cram the barrel full of as much underwear as possible. (Bras, thongs, panties, etc) Careful not to use too much propellant for safety purposes. Great fun for parties!
Camera You could see how the projectile sees things. Pretty cool, but it will ruin a perfectly good camera.
Springs Get a fat compression (without hooks) spring from the hardware store that is about 3/4" diameter 3" long, and has a compression of about 100 lbs. Thread into potato so half of the spring sticks out. When it hits a hard wall, the potato vaporizes and the spring goes flying! (Stay behind a thick object, it could come back at you).
Calculater Stick one of those things in front of your gun and BOOM!
Diving Sticks. Take diving sticks and put rollerblade wheels without the bearings on the end of them. Talk about a slug for the potato gun.
Cable Modem Fire it through the door of the cable company and yell "It's not fast enough for me!".
Condom Full of Honey Mixed with Confetti Fire it and it will stick to anything and stay there.
N Sync CDS Everyone hates these guys anyways...
Aaron Carter CDs I'm very tired of his stupid fans signing my guestbook thinking I'm him.
Gords They look like small water melons but when dried out the seeds go flying everywhere on impact. They also fit nicely in a 2" barrel.
Hackie Sacks Go far, but kinda expensive!
Pop Bottle Caps Put in front of a spud and watch the fun.
Maple Seeds (helicopter seeds) Get a whole lot of them and load them into a styrofoam cup. Looks really cool when they come down.
Can Of Silly String Hide then shoot string. Goes everywhere in gobs. Be very careful as it is explosive.
PDA It makes not much damage but its fun to see your PDA broken.
Change Can be costly but it will make a poor mans day! (Be sure to use wadding and don't aim directly at people)
Barbie's Head Dip hair in gas or something flammable and wrap in gas soaked paper towel.
Cactus Kind'a hurts if you miss the target.
Dumbell Weight Wow. Also very dangerous.
Monopoly Pieces Wrap them in a paper towel. Boardwalk this!
Sugar Bomb Fill 20oz. bottle with sugar and water. Shoot at something hard and you get a sticky mess.
Cat Barf Very messy but excellent joke on friends.
Ice Cubes Don't shoot at people, the rounder the better.
Glow Balloons Cut off the tip of a glow stick and our it into a water balloon. Fill the balloon normally with water. Fire at a brick wall at night for a hella cool water/light show.
M-80s Cut of the end of a potato and make hole big enough for m-80. Cover end with silacone and let fuse sick out. Put end down in the explosen chamber. Goes off into air and explodes. Creamed potatoes anyone?
Set Of Weights A good preformed projectile with some power behind it.
Raquet Balls These fit perfectly into the barrel and make a really tight fit. Good COMPRESSION!! They can be fired straight up into the air and because of there perfect shape, they will fly true. They are very versatile and can be reused countless times. Don't shoot at people, they really hurt...(personal experience)!!!
Magazines (Reader's digest) They go so far it's scary.
Acatone rags Soak rags in paint thinner. Makes a good fireball.
Candles Fit well in a 2" barrel with a little duct tape around it.
Flaming Marshmallows Take a marshmallow cook it till its brown. Wait till it has cooled. Wrap it loosely in ducktape. Douse in gasoline or oil. Big mess and cool coming out.
Sand Mortar Make a tube of tin foil and fill with sand. Aim high so it will make a mess on someone's roof.
Black Walnuts Goes sky high and leaves realy big dents in steel
Live fish Flying fish work the best.
APFSDS (Kinda) Shape your spud to the diameter of your barrel. Then, take a playing dart and insert it through the center. Then, take a knife and slice 4 slices perpendicularly to each other about 3/4 the way down the spud. Carefully load this (helps if you breech-load), and fire. Spud should come off the dart and allow the dart to fly at high speed. Works like an M829A2 Sabot round used by M1A1 Abrams tanks.
Nasel Saline Bottle Fill with water or other liquid, use duct tape to pad if too small.
Bowling Ball Need a large gun.
Crystal Ball It's resuable.
Whifel Balls Those things fly far!
Cod Liver Oil Tablets Acts like buckshot and makes one hell of a mess.
Small PVC Pipe Wrap in tape to fit your barrel.
Bottle Rockets Get those cheap little twelve packs of screaming bottle rockets, duct tape 'em, add a LITTLE wadding, and a bit of gass to the fuses. A good idea is to wire all the fuses to a single fuse for best effect. Fire away, self propelled ammo! And a fireworks show!
Coke Bottle Full Of BB's Sounds cool and packs a punch.
Trackball The ball out of a trackball mouse fits perfectly down the barrel of 1 1/2".
Razor Packed Tater Slide 2 or 3 razors into potato the push down barrel. Shoot at wooden surface. Potato explodes razors stick.
Armor Peircing Ammo Put a nail in pipe with other end closed. Then fill it with molten aluminium or other kind of filler. It is really powerful.
Candles Make sure you tape to fit barrel. When these bad lads go off it sounds like a 30-06. And it will go through plywood.
Mortar Round Fill a tin can with concrete allow to dry, and fire. Lots of fun with watermelons, etc.
Sparkler Spud Put a sparkler with a bit of gas on the end and put in a potato.
Remote Control Cars They'll keep rollin' when they hit the ground.
Tacks Cut a potato in half. Load into the gun and then drop the tacks down on top of the potato. Shoots far and leaves metal shrapnel in its target!
Cow Tongues They really gross people out.
Aluminium Foil Wrap in balls to fit barrel, then shoot at a large object. Turns into a foil pancake.
Jar When they hit burst in to little pieces.
Raw Ground Beef Nice splat.
Airsoft BB'S Small round plastic BB's that are shot out of Airsoft guns.
Cat or Dog food Works well if you use the small round cat food, makes a great sound when the hit the ground.
Can of Starch Really sticky and makes a big mess.
Garden Slugs Put 10 to 20 of them in a sock and watch out for the splatter.
Toy Soldiers Works best covered in gas.
Horse Testicles If you chop off the horse testicles and tie them in a ball and stuff it in the potato cannon, when you shoot it it makes a mess!
Bath Beads Makes A Good Splatter. Put tons of them in and fire it at a teacher you don't like.
Fire Ball Take an old toilet paper tube and fill it with steel wool. Wrap with duct tape for correct fit.
Easy Cheese Cans This is really nuts, when the cans hit cheese goes EVERYWHERE.
Itching Powder Just plug barrel with paper or something, pour itching powder downt the barrel, aim at a group of close by people, and hit the igniter. A great way to loose good friends.
Cannon Balls Use little plastic balls from a gumball machine. The big ones fit perfictly in a 2" barrle.
Wood Closet Rods Fits nice in 1.5" barrel. Cut in 3" lengths,drill a 1/2" hole 2" deep and fill with molten lead to add the needed weight. Submitted by: Pinochio
JELLO Slugs Make about a 3-6 inch long chunk of Jell-O (rule of thumb: 3x as long as your barel is wide). Not particularly dangerous, great splat/show, also great stopping power WITH minimal injury to living things.
Darts Tfly perfectly. Also they go very far. Mine probaly went 500 yards. Easy to loose so buy cheap ones.
Butanioc Acid Place in plastic container. On impact creates long lasting putrid smell
The Perfect Wad Get a standard plastic grocery bag from Sainsbury's or Tesco (UK, may be different in US). Ram down barrel as wad, forms excellent airtight seal.
Beets Leaves nice red splatter mark.
Cereal First load a spud than put a box of cereal in. Awesome! It'll rain cereal for minutes.
Brussel Sprouts Fairly hard, especially if frozen.
Newspaper Bullet Take a news paper and roll it up really tight and then wrap it in duct tape. Cut it into sections. This works especially well in my 2" barrel. Make sure it gets a tight seal. These will shoot at least 500 yards and pack some punch.
Exploding Golf Ball Take a golf ball and drill a hole in it just big enoufgh to fit an m-80. Glue it in place then put duct tape around it so that it will fit your barrel. Make sure that the fuse is still sticking out the back. Then put a drop of gasoline on the end of the fuse and load.
Bread Dough Same as Playdough or Silly Putty but when it cakes on it dries solid.
Paper and Glue Bomb Put some sort of paper in an old blender or food processor and shred it as fine as posible then take it out and mix it with elmers glue. Form it into a ball and put it infront of some wadding. When it hits somthing solid, "SPLAT" and when it dries it is almost impossible to scrape off.
Wax Bullet Take some luminary wax and melt it into a section of pipe with the same diameter as your barrel. Grease down your barrel and once the bullet is hard slide it in your barrel. You can shape the wax into a point.
Golf Club Shaft Take and old golf club and cut the head off it and shove it in your barrel handle first. These will stick into trees.
Vaccuum Tube Shove a plastic bag down the barrel.Take a vaccuum tube (like the kind in old radios) and drop it down the barrel. Then put in another bag on top of the vaccuum tube. Make sure you have a good seal then fire.
Road Kill Next time stop and pick up that fresh road kill and see if you cant launch it over in your neighbors yard when they all sit down to have their back yard B.B.Q. I guess you have to be a real redneck to do that one.......HE HE HE
Chocolate Filled Condoms Fill with chocolate, tie the end, wrap it up load it. Watch the faces of people around you.
Rubber Band Ball Make a rubber band ball to size of barbarrel. Launch down a road (Make sure no cars are coming). Bounces higher and farther than you can possibly imagine!
Potato and Steel Wool Makes a great fireball, just cut a hole in the potato and put steel wool in it and tape it on.
Milk Cap The screw on milk caps fit perfectly in a 1.5 in barrel. Put other things on top. Can be reused because it doesn't go far.
Soap Makes one hell of a splat, flys far.
Welchs Fruit Juice (in a can) Use the Welchs fruit juice in a can (the extract where you pour in the amount and have some left over). Use an unopened can.
Doorknob Do not shoot at people! I shot the top of a tree off with one of these. Treat it like you're shooting an anti-tank round.
Mango Core 1,000 feet easily. Guaranteed to destroy your target. (Soak in gas for best results)
Tube Of Craft Paint Use the kind that work on fabrics, in the small containers. Great distance, good splat.
Cement Balls Take a bag of quick drying cement and add water,roll into a ball wait twenty seconds and...SHOOT!
Pop Rock Buckshot Pop Rocks and a light wax mixture in the shape of a barrel.
Sulpher Stinking Ball Get some powered sulpher, add water until paste-ish, mold into a ball the size of the barrel, and freeze. Add cod-liver oil to make it much worse.
Bags of Itching Powder Be VERY careful.
Shot Bag Make a bag out of heavy faberic, add lead shot, BBs, rice, ect, and sew up. Good (and relativly safe) anti-personel weapon.
Pumpkin Rind One pumkin good for 2 dozen orange disks easy.
Exploding Paper Turd Put paper into a blender, add water, and hit frappe! Strain mix, put paper pulp into barrel. Remove it out after squezing the water out of it, and set "turd" someware to dry. Explodes when it hits somthing hard.
Wadding I have found that if you use the bottom half of those Koolaid bottles (sugar added) with a little duct tape makes a perfect seal.
Golf Ball Insides Get a golf ball, and cut the cover off with a Dremel or a hack saw. Fits perfectly in 1.5" barrel. It is hard, and bounces off of hard surfaces if it dosen't explode, SO WATCH OUT!!!
Pop Tarts Cut circle of pop tart according to your barrel size then unstick the sides so you have two separate circles each having one side covered with filling. Put it jelly side up after some wadding...they stick to everything!
Plastic Forks Shoot them in packs of 48 into your friends property. They stick into everything.
Cucumbers A very splat-prone ammo. Cut in half for best effect.
Pokemon Movies PIKA-THUD! All that they're good for.
Donkey Testicals If you can get some...wa-thud!
Potato+Steel Wool Soaked In Gass Woooooosh! Big fire ball! Makes a very nice comet.
Old Cell Phones If you get a hold of a bunch from some supplier throwing them out. Wrap them in duct tape so they fit tight. When they hit something it's impressive.
Can of Isobutane With enough force it will be a HELL of a bang. Relatively expensive.
Gel Splat Get 3 boxes of geletean desert powder, add ONLY THE AMMOUNT OF BOILING WATER IT SAYS ON ONE OF THE BOXES, and stir VERY WELL. Pour liquid in to barrel, and let sit. The extra concentration of Jell-O makes it a lot harder then normal so the projectile goes farther and hits harder, but with minimal damage to target.
Sock Surprise Take a sock and piss in it then freeze it in the barrel.
Potassiam Nitrate (salt-petre) Take a little can of it put in after the potato.
SuperMan Take one of those Superman drinks and rip his arms off! Goes very far. Use only on 2" barrels.
Radishes Works really well in a 3/4" in barrel.
Bulls Eyes (or sheep eyes) Ask local butcher. Stick a load of these in. Fire. Watch as small children & girls cry when they find them.
Blink 182 CD's I hate them. My stupid little step brother likes them, and I hate him to.
Bars of Soap Shoot at a glass window at an angle should leave a nice smear. (WET FIRST)
Tin Foil Slugs Find a rock or piece of metal and make a tin foil ball around it to the size of your barrel. It's exspencive, but powerfull. And it has a really cool bullet effect when it crushes it self aganist your target, and is reuseable.
Rubber Balls Found On Baby Crib Wheels They FLY.
Billard balls Stick the potato in your barrel and push the whole way through then cut out with a knife or something a little pouch for the ball to sit, place it in your barrel and dont aim down or else the ball will roll. We shatter these for fun.
Huge Snap Pop Take a couple sheets of foil and lay them out on top of each other. Then get some little boxes of “SNAP POPS” that you can buy at any place that sells fireworks. Now unwrap every one of those little things until you have a good pile. Just CARUFULLY wrap the foil around and twist the end. Makes a very loud bang, but safe and fun.
TelleTubbies Any TelluTubbies toy, book, video or game should not be on the face of the earth.
Wet Dog Food Wrap it in a paper towel.
Balls of Bolgnia Wad up bolgnia.
Pigs Eye You can get these from a butchers. You need to add wadding first but they explode butter than paintballs.
Cow Testical Explode on impact, totally awesome.
Wood Block Cut to right size, it will go through 2 to 3 inches of wood.
Scraps Take last nights dinner. Blend it and wrap with a plastic bag.
Blended Strawberries Put in bag and looks like blood when it hits.
Kite Tie kite to potao and shoot it. Will go about 50 feet in the air and if its facing the right way it will stay up.
Pig Brain Splat. Get it from a butcher.
(at) Trampoline Shoot potatos at a trampoline up on its side, we used a small one but I bet a large one will work. It was kind of sketchy the first time because the potato came back at almost the same speed it left, except about 4 feet from my head. Be careful.
Wet Towel (new way) Get a wet towel leave half of it out like a cocktail. Spray 2 times the regular amount of fuel. Makes huge flame.
Potato Sparkler Once potato is loaded, light sparkler and drop in barrel. Great for shooting over open water at night. Very pretty.
Plastic Baseball Bat Cut off the big end and shoot. Goes on forever and reuseable.
Pickup Truck Hitch Ball You know the metal ball on the back of a pickup truck\SUV.
Old Meat Leaves a mark
Caulking Glue Tubes They shoot straight as an arrow and leave a hell of a hole.
Butter Balls Freeze butter and scoup it with an ice cream scoup.
Lava Lamps Same effect as a spray paint can.
TOMATOES! Why have none of you thought of this one! Get the little oblong ones at the store, they are the easiest to load. They stick to just about any surface
Baseball Soaked In Gas A firey commet
Mud With Marbles Inside Be carful. Do not shoot at people.
D Battery Wrap a D size battery in duct tap (however much you need to fit snugly in your barrel) spray with WD-40. WARNING: I blew a hole straight through a 4 foot wide oak tree. (Yeah, right....Aaron (the webmaster))
Agent Orange Fill a ballon with Roundup. This will kill every plant it touches.
BlankNothing FOR PNUEMATIC GUNS ONLY! Get a piece of paper and tape it with duct tape over the end of your barrel and fire. Makes a heck of a noise.
Dead Fish Load the potato in the gun, then drop a dead fish down the barrel. I found a dead fish on the shore of a pond and shot it through a shopping cart against a tree. The fish vapourizes when it hits the cart and leaves a scaly paste on the tree.
Matchbox Cars Who said cars can't fly?
Crushed AOL CD Wad up the barel and kaboom. Watch the shiney rain.
Beets Make a red mess on anything hard. Suspiciously entertaining.
History Book Pages Gives alot of satisfaction (assuming you don't like History).
Concrete Can Fill tin with concrete. Will go through a concrete wall.
Cassette Tapes They blow to pieces all over the yard and tape all over the place.
Frozen watermelon/frozen melon You must hve a big enough barrel to shoot these, but they blow holes through brick walls!
Model Airplanes Who says toy planes cannot fly?
Caligraphy Pen Refill Put in the end of a potato and wow permanant mark!
Pool Noodle Cut about 1 inch of pool noodle off put in barrel. Put small rocks in as well then put more noodle on top. Works like shotgun
White-Out Wrap with aluminum duct tape for extra weight, shoot forwards of backwards for different designs.
Paint Grenades So when you play paintball wars you can shoot them farther than normal.
Hard Unripe Lemons Find an unripe lemon that fits your barrel. Shot one of those through a 1 inch piece of compresed wood from 100 ft away.
Jumping Jack Firecrackers On 4th of July shoot a couple of strings of jumping jacks, soak the fuses in gas.
Various Tools Shoot things like pliers, awls, cutters, nails, drill bits, darts, screwdrivers, anything you can find.
McDonalds toys We all know these suck if you get a happy meal.
Hot Wheels These will put a serious dent in the wall. Load the chamber with them or micro machines
Mouse Trackballs These things are heavy and a really really hard rubber. About size of golfball.
Big Rolls Of Lead Solder Put half of a spud in then load roll of solder. Will blow straight through car door.
Thumb Tacks Stick in potato and fire
Two liter bottle filled with paint Very, very messy. For people with large guns.
Dead Squirrel Soaked in Gas Makes a furry little, fuzzy little, molatov cocktail.
Extra Advil When it hits the wall the pills fly everywhere
Ice Slugs Cut off a 1/2 inch piece of your barrel, seal off one end, put water in it and freeze it over night.
Broken Cell Phones They make a loud bang.
Grapefruit Must have a big enough barrel and shoots like an orange or apple, flies far and makes a splat when it hits something.
Hedgehogs They stab anything they hit.
Markers Take about 4 or 5 and tape them together with duct tape. Put down the barrel and watch it fly.
Scissors Fun to shoot. Just don't run with them.
Toe Nail Clippings Save some when you clip your toe nails. The stick some kind of random wadding down the barrel and drop the nails in. People make funny faces when they see them fly through the air.
Fish Guts Just don't eat them.
Better Ice Slugs First, buy a box of square plastic sandwich bags. They cost about $1.50 then cut some pipe for the molds and some strips of paper the same length as the molds. Put one piece of paper around on the inside in each of the molds. Fill up the bags with water about half way and work them into the pipes, and dont get any water on the paper, or the ice slugs wont slide out as easy. And by using the bags, you wont need to cap off the ends of the pipes, making it alot easier to get the ice out of them.
Canned Dog Food Sorta Cheap, nice splat and leaves a nasty smell. Take out of can. Or leave in can, You decide.
Mini Baseball Bats Buy a mini baseball bat at any baseball stadium, put a plastic bag down the barrel and load the bat. Shoot it at some thin wood and watch it go through it.
Bg 60 Amp Fuses These work GREAT in 1 1/4 inch barrels. Just wrap one side with electrical tape to fit barrel.
Roman Candle Load spud, light roman candle and drop into barrel. Do not shoot straight up.
Pineapple 6" PVC will do fine, just put the head in first so that the "leafs" serve as a good stabalizer. NOTE: I have a pneumatic chamber with a high performance valve. just went 100 ft. though.
Nurf Balls Put the Nurf ball down in the barrel then put sand on top of it. Makes a big ass cloud.
Tin Can Shrapnel Take a tin can and fill with concrete. Mix the concrete with screws and BBs.
Tomato Paste Cans Put somthing down first then drop the can down.
Ice Rockets Buy a pipe the same size as the barrle and freeze water in it, perfect ice rocket.
Screwdrivers Wrap screwdrivers with tape, very lethal.
Small Salt Shaker Never tried but sounds like a good idea.
Slugs/Snails They really splat.
Candies Nice smell when hit the target
Full Salt and Pepper Shakers Every thing turns black and white. Get it wet and you can paint a room with it.
Drill Bits They go pretty far and have an awesome penatrating ability
Lacrosse Ball Fast shot.
Keyboards They type.
Brittney Spears and N*Sync CDs Who likes that music any way?
Old Calking Tubes Works just like a bullet.
SPUDROKS You can buy them from they work very well.
Puppy Taco Bell Dog Watch him go pass the border in no time.
Foam Ball Dipped in Paint Get more than one gun and play paint ball. Much fun and doesn't hurt.
Semifrozen Cow Crap Go to a field and scoop some fresh pie's. Stuff them down a pipe the same size as your barrel, and freeze them. Not all the way though, because then they will shatter instead of stick.
2 Pounds of Semi-Wet Sand Good splatter at a close range. Hold on tight is makes a huge recoil.
Small Teddy Bears and Rags Shoot them at your friends for fun (it dosen't hurt).
Pond Scum Use the bottom of a styrofoam cup as a wad, then pile in all the slimy, gooey, green pond scum you can find. An excellent retort to any unjust insult.
Ketchup/Mustard/Relish/Mayo etc. Fill a sock with the condiment(s) of your choice and use a wad if you have to. Fire at a hamburger. Or the door of your local McDonald's.
Car Alternators They destroy many things.
Chocolate and Sweets Put some wadding in (like a potato) then stick some chocolate and sweets in.
Gumballs Very tiny guns, but fun to stand 100 ft apart and catch in mouth - just don't hit tooth, as that is DAMN painful!
The Testicles of a Deer, Elk, or Moose If your a hunter and you don't like wasting any part of the animal use it balls. They fly quick and make a nice splat.
Vulcan AirBombs Small $2.00 can. Fireworks, start by lighting the fuse they explode at around 25 feet or 3 seconds and then they make a sound like a shotgun. If you shot this out of your cannon just imagine...
Jello Cup Fun to watch.
Stuffed Animal With An M-150 inside The stuffed animal still looks like a stuffed animal until it gets farther and farther then it explodes and the stuffing catches fire.
Animal Excrement Advise wearing gloves. Collect some fecies of cows or pigs or dogs or do a mixture. Using a piece of barrell off cut as a template. Cram it full with the do-do so its about 3-4 inches long and stick it in the freezer for a day. Makes a hefty projecttile which thaws into a nice stinky mess.
Potato Launcher Aim straight down and stand back.
PEZ Everyone likes PEZ.
49% Of A Twenty Dollar Bill Get rid of some of the useless bulk in your wallet, while getting people's hopes up at the same time.
Demo Tapes I think this is how Aerosmith started out
Smaller Potato Launchers Spread the fun while having some.
Small Pig Great after a friend promises to do something for you when pigs fly.
Dog's Toys When normal fetch just won't do.
Pee in a Bag Pee in a bag. You might want to double or tripple bag it.
Tape Bomb Roll some tape around somthing like a wooden dowl. if done right, they fly like bullets.
APFSDS-Round Get some threaded rod and screw some STEEL nuts on to it. it should weigh about 120 gramms, and will go through 3 Inches of wood at 50 yards.
Sweet and Sour Sauce Packets McDonald'ss sweet and sour sauce packets - what a mess
Rubber Cement in Bottle SPLAT! And the shards of glass are almost impossable to get off.
Vinegar Egg Soak an egg in vinegar for 24 hours. It gets a lot bigger and easier to break. Recommended to put in 2 Styrofoam cups face to face.
Icecicles They make great darts!
Film Canister Bomb Fill a film canister with butane and quickly close it. Get a potato and cut it down to size to fit your barrel. Stick the film canister in the potato and cut the potato Sabot in half but put it back together and stick everything (film canister mashed between the two pieces of potato) in the barrel. Boom, the potato and film canister eject from the canon, the two potato pieces fly away from the canister and you have a flying mini bomb. Awesome flame when shot agaisnt a wall.
Water Balloon Shells Take some cardboard and cut a circle the size of your barrel. Then take a strip of cardboard and wrap it around the circle like a shot gun shell. Either glue or duct tape it. Insert a good sized water balloon in the shell and shoot!
Rubber Band Balls Wrap up rubber bands and shoot. May bounce back off target so it can be reused.
Corjet Take an over-grown one and cut thik slabs. Cut the seeds out of the middle and fire them. They go like a shotgun.
Stuffed Animals Drenched in Lighter Fluid Have you ever seen a flaming stuffed animal flying at night? Well if you have then you would know sweet it is.
Burning Dead Bird Take dead bird, soak in gas, pack down barrel, light and shoot.
Bologna Sticky Bomb SHORT BARREL ("Noisy Cricket") ONLY: Chop up a few slices of bologna, then lightly cover with spray-adhesive. Pack barrel with a wet paper towel, then place the bologna/glue mixture onto a sheet of regular plastic wrap (Yes, the kind you use for food), insert into barrel ontop of the paper towel so that it resembles a condom (plastic between paper towel and bologna, and the inside of the barrel lined with the plastic wrap.
Rat Poison Put in some wadding and have a good ol' fashon rat killin. Yeeeehawwww!!!!
Walnuts They go farther then potatoes and hurt alot more
A Computer Moniter Shoot off those crappy Gateway ones (editor's note: guess you'd need a pretty big barrel).
Capri Sun Pouches They fit perfectly and shoot far as hell. If your barrel is to small then you might have to open it and squeeze some of the juice out, then just put tape over that hole and fire!
Glass Sounds cool.
Seashells Put the potato in the barrel and drop few seashells down the barrel, they shatter and if the are dry enough they make a nice little dust cloud also Makes a nice noise.I think im going to the beach this year.
Gas If you have a pnuemantic gun, just pour some gas down the barrel, piece of burning paper on the end. Fire! If you are shooting it, look away as it creates a LOT of heat.
Dead Animals Go hunting with your gun and shoot a rodent then shove the pesky critter down the barrel and aim at tree.
Pumpkin guts Cool orange rain, use wading like toilet paper
Bolts Wrap in duct tape.
candles When they hit, wax goes everywhere
Pens Wrap up a bunch of ink pens then shove them in the barrel. Then load,! Ink goes all over the target.
Cigarettes That's all they're good for.
Mini Footballs Beat any passing record
A Bag Full of Kix Works well
Chalk This one can be interesting!
Candels Make a huge mark on walls
Rice Put a potato in as wadding and load a lot of rice in. If do it right it should be like a machine gun.
Dead Horse Hooves Get them from your sister's pet horse (she never rides it anyway and it was going to the meatworks).
T.V Remotes Soak in petrol for best effects, leave in batteries for special effects.
Christmas Tree Decorations Make sure they are sharp and fire at possums (Editor's note: what the...?)
Fence Standard Sharpen it first
A Snow Slug Cut a piece of PVC pipe about 4" long and start stuffing snow in it. Pack it in good. Push the snow out and now you have a snow slug. If you want you can put it in the freezer for an hour.
Onions Soak them in ether (starting fluid) for a flaming projectile.
Small Pig Figurine Who said flying pigs are a load of hogwash?
Wind Chimes Then run back in your property.
DVDs Betamax rules!
Old Man's Glasses Steal them and fire them
Measuring Tapes Add a bit of petrol and gunpowder and a bit of pool chlorine for maximum potential.
Carrot Cake Add your sisters carrot cake (she made for her friends party) and add petrol
Wireless Microphone Turn it on first so you can hear where it lands (oww as it hits someone).
Small Christmas Tree Extra spikes and solid branches.
Mud balls Make balls of mud and let them dry in the sun, they will crash very hard and will go far
Sparkler Bomb Take sparklers and wrap tightly with many layers from top to bottom with electrical tape. Leave one or two sparklers out the top for a fuse. Load wadding then light bomb and load quickly. Shoot and plug ears. If made wrong it will send flaming sparklers everywhere.
A Bag of Vomit Nasty
Tiny B/W picture tube The tube will implode on contact with whatever it hits and send shards of leaded glass and toxic phosphor material flying.
Wood + Nail Get a piece of wood and trace around the end of you barrel. Then cut the circle out and nail in a few nails so they stick out the other end. Then load into your cannon and shoot.
Ugly Sweater "No, I'm sorry I never got your prsent, it must have gotten lost in the mail"
Golfball with Gas On It You should use it at night and see all the fire
Exploding Orange Take a M-80 and put it in an orange.
Toilet Paper TP gun Get 4" diameter 6" long piece of PVC and a reducer or increaser to fit barrel. Fit to barrel and shove in a whole roll of toilet paper, wad center, shoot! Great for TPing at night!
Beef For extra distance
VHS Tapes If you want to break something shoot a VHS tape.
Pig Ass Helps to gross out your opponent!
Exploding Clay Ball Take some clay the size of your gun and role it in gun powder (from shot gun shells). Then stick some percussion caps on it and lets it harden.
Hot Soldering Iron Unplug it and make sure it is hot.
Door Knob Soak in petrol and then put in chlorine. Very toxic gas.
Beetroot Can Make sure it has beetroot in it. Heat it lightly and then shove in gun. It makes a very nice bang and you are left with warm smelly beetroot.
Packet of Fence Staples Don't look down the barrel and don't try to catch them. Make sure you shove all down at one time without the bag
George Bush Figurine Soak in petrol and launch in the direction of Iraq.
Bottle of Chockolate Milkshake Make 1/2 full glass, goes everywhere.
Sparklers Stick some wet tissue paper is lite about 12 or how many you wanna see fly threw the sky.. Probably want to do it at night looks like a tracer round. Also when hitting ground they stick for small temporary torches.
portable radio Sings its way in the air!
Wad of Money Shoot towards my house.
Water Filled with Confetti Put a spud down the barrel then fill to top with water then fire.
Poppers The little white things that you throw on the ground and pop. Sounds like a bunch of bombs going off. Be sure to put in a potato first.
Flour or Baby Powder Best if done with an pneumatic gun. Fill the barrel with flour or baby powder charge your gun and fire.
Little Creamer Packets for Coffee They vaporise on contact.
C Batteries They fit perfectly in 1" barrels and need only a wrap or two of tape.
Metal Punch Modified to have a nice point and streamlined shaft. Can go through a tree at 900+ fps. Guessing about 100-150 grams with a 3/4 OD.
Silicone Sealant Bottles A perfect seal to most barrels and pointy.
Nuts in a Bag Put a few nuts and bolts in a bag to get some sort of shotgun ammo. It works fine for short range (50 meter).
Stubbie holder Good for making things a bit bigger to fit in if they don't.
Yellow Snow Just watch where those Huskys go!
Ex-Girlfriend "She's really gone... Thank god, I don't have to see that freak anymore!" (Editor's note: don't actually do this)
Phone No more annoying ringing calls from your friends
Weed Eater Piston Put a Nerf ball or potato in for wadding, drop piston in and let it fly.
Soup Can Full of Cement Fill a soup can with cement. Let it dry and shoot something.
Bike Wheel Spokes Same action as dry spaghetti, can fit in any size barrel with the help of duct tape.
Cassette Tapes If you really want to break somthing.
Schoolwork Homework, tests, essays and a TI-83 calculator (that is if you want to waste $100)
Bag of Blood Blood bath, baby!
Baseball No need to waste your enegry. Let the machine do the work for you.
Gutter (off a house ) Cover one end. Goes right through things.
Hand Ball (The small ones) Works very well to play dodgeball.
WD40 Fire Ball Cut a large-ish hole in the film canister lid and cover with duct tape. Now pour as much WD40 or petrol into the canister and fit this into a hole in the potato.
A Running Chainsaw You need a VERY large pipe for this, total madness.
Pure Sodium It needs to be big enough to fit in the barrel. Leave it in its case when you shoot it but when it hits something it should burst into flames. Very dangerous to handle.
Little "Buzz Lightyear" Modify it any way you can just make it fit "to infinity and beyond!".
Telemarketers Track them down, stuff em' in yer canon. Fire at nearest brick wall.
Marsh Mellows You can aim them at your mouth, catch it, then eat it.
Message in Bottle Write up a message and stuff it into a plastic bottle. Good for long distance broadcasting over your neighborhood. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a note back.
Socks With Dry Sand Makes a huge hole, gets alot of distance!
Small Wine Bottle Fill it with gas and shoot at a previously flaming target.
Condom Full Of Mayo Makes nasty mess when it hits
Stink Bomb Eggs Poke a small hole in the top of an egg. Then put it outside for a week. It won't smell till it explodes, so shoot it far away from you!
Sausage Is very hot! Try it on hot dog with ketchup and shot the hot-dog!
iMac mouse I hate these things. There is no right click. Show those Mac lovers whos boss when you shoot it through their windows!
Pine Cones Wrapped in Duct Tape Pine cones make a great thing to shoot but they do more damage when wrapped all in duct tape.
Foam Rubber Wad Sharpen the edges of a small section of PVC the same size as your barrel and use it to cut out pieces of foam rubber (go dumpster diving for some from couches). Now you have a wad you can put anything behind.
Lightbulb Filled With BB's Lightbulbs fit perfectly into a 2.5 inch barrel and glass and shot make very messy impact!
Dog Doo Bomb Cut off a 1/2" piece from your barrel and fill it with dog doo, then stick an M-80 in it and freeze it. An hour later take it out and let it thaw until it is just frozen enough to keep its shape.
Soapy Water Balloons Give the neighbor's car a wash.
Balloon Full Of Plaster Get a water balloon and fill it with Plaster Of Paris. Launch it at a wall. Splatters everywhere and hard to get off when dry.
Archery Arrow Excellent if you have a small (1/2") barrell. Wrap elec. tape around the base of the arrow to ensure a proper fit in the barrel. Goes straight and far even with a small penumatic spud gun.
Rocks in a Sock Friend taught me this; Take an old sock and stuff it with enough rocks so it fits the chamber. Load the sock. Fuel the gun with either then let the rocks fly
Hot Wheels Cars Annoy your little brother and shoot his Hot Wheels. You can also wrap them in Uceehot patches, and dip them in gas then launch them.
Really Old Pizza It should have some mold on it.
Bong It will leave a tidy mess.
Pencil Shavings Weird.
Bean Can Take a bean can and empty it! After that put cement in it. Let it try. You shooting a like 2-3LBs can, trust me, it makes quite a big hole in anything!
Old Porn Magazines Aim at a preacher's house then run. Beats getting your porn stash taken by your parents.
A Dead Piglett Go to a pig farm and get a dead piglett (runt ect.) and leave it in the sun for a couple of days. Make shure it fits in your barrel (cut the leggs of) and fire. Pigs can really fly!
Bread Just put a whole load of bread in the barrel and fire. Makes a good mess against a wall.
Caulk Bottles Excellent
People If you had a huge barrel, you could do the human cannon ball thing. It would take a lot of fuel to get somebody going. I recommend that you DO NOT actually try this, as it is incredably stupid.
Fireworks Any will do but, some make a big boom like (m-80's) and shoot at a wall.
Thumb Tacks Sticks into stuff.
Pointed Sticks Wad up some paper towels begind it, shoots just like a javelin.
Squash Very accurate
Paint Grenades Explode big
Christmas Lights Solder one to a D-cell wrapped in tape. Fun at night
Gas Filled 20 oz. Bottle Shoot at a wall over a fire. Use duct tape and cooking oil to make it fit.
50 Pound Bags of Corn Cost only about 5 bucks. Put in wadding and throw in handful of corn.
Water Balloon filled with Chocolate Sauce Called a "Mr Hanky". Makes a (nice) crappy mess.
Screwdriver Sharpen end. Great for hunting.
Spear Attached to a Rope Go fishing, Native style.
Hair Spray Can Makes a nice fireball.
Halo 2 Great for neards and you feel like a shooter.
Old Shoes Finally an entertaining way to get rid of them. You can tie them together by the lace and shoot them at phone lins. A great frat prank.
Stress Balls Great way to get your stress out!
Cheder Cheese Flavoring from Mac & Cheese Gives the air a nice cheese taste as well as smell.
Fake Blood Capsules Makes nice splat and scares the hell out of people walking past. Shoot near the ground, makes it look real.
Pokemon cards Try also Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
Ice Slugs In paint Roller Cover Put water & rocks in paint roller cover that is 2" long. Freeze, seal with TP first and BOOM. Be careful, these will fit 2" barrels and will go through plywood!
Rotton Eggs In a Paper Bag It stinks
Golf Ball (FOR 2" BARREL) Get a cardboard paper towel roll, and cut it to the size of the golf ball. Put Duct Tape around the card board sabot untill it fits in the barrel. Cut 4 slits in the sabot, one on each "side". Then wrap the golf ball in Duct Tape untill it fits in the card board sabot. Stick in the barrel and push it down. Make sure the ball didn't fall out, spray, fire, and whatch it go.
Little Noise Making Toys Get some electronic toys that make some kind of noise, turn them on and shoot them somewhere so people will hear them flying high above their heads. Shoot them straight up and you can hear them falling back to earth.
Junk Mail Wrap it in a capsule and watch those useless coupons fly.
Goats Blood Creepy, Cheap and you can get it at any butcher or Satan worshiping center.
Straightened Coat Hangers Stick into stuff real nicely.
VHS Tape Insides Unroll the insides of a VHS tape, stuff it down the barrel and shoot. Works best on a windy day.
Steel Whool on Potato Very big flames
Bag of Candy Is fun to shoot when you look in the back seat of your car and see that you have a bag of melted candy.
Deer Brain Mooshy and splats well (eeewwww....)
Skittles See the rainbow, taste the rainbow.
Skateboard Wheels Fly really far really fast.
12 Gauge Shotgun Slugs These go so far and when I tried they went through 12 sheets of half inch plywood!
Ice-Storm Remains Give the city a piece of your mind (if you live in Ohio and got hit by the huge icestorm!). It is easy to find the right size logs.
Your Sister's Bra or Thong If you can get in her room without being found and dressed as a girl by her and her friends
Wooden Dalls Wrap in foil to required size for barrel. Good weight so they go fast and hard.
Paper Tube Filled with Water Putty Take a piece of paper paper and roll it up until it will fit snugly into your barrel. Tape it so it doesn't unroll. Tape up one end and mix up some Durhams Rock Hard Water putty (found at hardware stores) and fill it up. Once dried, makes bullet type thing.
A Peanut They're good.
Unused 50 cal slug Open the bullet up on a vise without touching the primer and pour out gun powder then put bullet back in case. Is a perfect fit in a 0.75" or even 1" barrel. Goes through 3/4 plywood
Paper Clips They are sharp when launched and goes half a football feild at the right angle.
Cheese Easy to cut with barrel if you have right variety (hard cheeses such as cheddar are best).
Shot Glass Wrap with tape to perfect size. Makes huge shower of shards
Potassium Nitrate and Sugar Mix them with 7 parts Potassium Nitrate and 2 parts sugar. Cook them till they turn brown and then quickly pour them into a ziploc bag. Pour in some gas and load here in. When it goes off you will see a huge cloud of smoke pouring out everywhere. It burns red hot so wear work gloves or something else strong and heat resistant.
Flint Shards This is VERY dangerous, wear goggles for this. Smash up flint into shards, put a potato down barrel, load shards and fire.
Garlic Shoots quite well but expensive and smelly, but thats good if your hitting an enemy.
Diesel Fuel Load spud into barell followed by 1-2 liters of fuel and fire from a couple of meters away over a bon-fire. Note large load is hard on combustion chamber and fire ball is very large.
Potato Arrow Take a potato and insert a blunt tipped arrow (recomended). Make sure it is centerd and do your normal loading. This makes for a nice hole in whatever you point it at.
Gold Fish Crackers Just put a wadding in before them and put about 30 of them after the wadding. Don't hurt much and fly pretty well.
Sample Lotion Packets If you aren't using them, shoot them. Great splat, big mess.
Old Compuer CPU If that computer gave you trouble then give it trouble back. You can also shoot other parts of the "computer that ticked you off"!
Pens and Pencils Makes a nice lage range of death and leaves ink and wood shards everywhere.
Sand Good looking cloud
Jello Racquetball Container Not tested, but had the idea of filling a racquetball container with Jello, then firing at something hard. Would also be cool with pudding or a blended BBQ dinner (e.g pour drink, hamburger, fries, potato chips in blender then pour in racquetball container and fire).
Wrapped Up Newspaper Flies and falls very slowly
Silly String Shoot at partys
Milk Jug Caps (the screw-on kind) They're perfect for 1.5 barrels. Use for wadding or make a dart. Easier to load from chamber. You can use other kinds of caps too.
Meatballs I dont know what happens
Noodles Wow, snakes ........
Box of Air Pistol Pellets Shotgun
PEZZ Dispensers Get all your favourite (not) PEZZ characters and launch away. I've use 2 or 3 SpongeBob PEZZ dispencers.
Gogurt Yogurt Tubes Splat!
Tie-dye Soak bread with tie-dye, drop in after spud. Shoot at t-shirt (white jeans, etc...). Shirt must be pinned flat against hard background or it will tear apart. Looks like a drive by victim.
Pie Annoys the woman next door.
Road Flares Drop a lit flare after the potato and fire. At night, they leave a streak of white fire across the sky.
Leaves If you use dead one they glow when fired
Fishing Sinkers First you melt them, then you pour them into a container such as a pill bottle, or make a mold out of a peice of barrel.
Large Magnets If loaded and shot correctly they can fly without twirling.
Shaped Foam Try shaping foam in to a bullet shape. Put weights into it if possible.
Spherical Solid Glass Paper-Weights Goes decent distance.
Tiny Lemons Get lemons half the size of your barrel and and try launch it. Sounds like a real gun booom!
Bullet Use rubber bullets that kids use in toy gun.
Sparkler Wire Darts Take dead or live sparkler wires, tape them together, and put in barrel. If not big enough wrap with duct tape until it fits. Try and get a balance in the weight. If sparklers a live they may or may not light, but if they do it's awesome!
Petrol Bombs Water ballons filled with petrol. May burn you but its well worth it.
Newspaper + Rocks Take a page from a newspaper and rip it into 2 pieces. Lay both of them on the ground (one on top of the other) and put rocks in the middle. Gravel and pebbles work best. Wrap up the rocks in the newspaper, put down barrel and fire.
Cactus Sticks to soft things, I don't recommend shooting at people
Barber Hair Soaked in Gas Stuff a bag full of barber hair soaked in gas. The smell is awfully horrible.
Dead Birds Works great if you shoot at cars because they think they ran into a live bird. (Don't do this).
Pepper Balls In ping-pong balls or plastic bags
Flaming Pots Of Nail Varnish Remover Safe !?
Cabbage Really funny to shoot.
A Clump of Pencil Shavings. Makes a big cloud "I find this fun!"
Blood Pudding Who eats it anyway!
Air Fresheners Go really far, don't shoot at cars though. (they go through and out the other side)
Dairy Dust Bomb Cut a hole in a tennis ball, fill with non dairy coffee creamer (the powdered stuff) close hole and soak with gas.
Sushi Fun to shoot, bad to get hit with
Paint Ball Supreme Load a water balloon in the barrel as a stopper than load in a cup or 2 of paint balls. Then load a paint ball grenade. This is the ultimate paint ball weapon!
Porcelan Ornaments Who needs those old heirlooms anyway?
Bills (not money) Soak all your daily mail in gas, shove down barrel and fire!
Peanut Butter preferrably IN the jar. Wrap with duct tape for seal. Messy, and crusty when dried.
Cans of Cambell Soup Hey its condensed isn't it.
A Miniature Spudgun Why Not?
Car Distributor Coil Nice and round, will erupt in a cloud of oil when shot
DDR RAM The RAM sucks so shoot it.
Nail Polish I like red, looks like dead bird
CORKS Corks are great after barrel lubrication. Not extremely dangerous. You need a REALLY small barrel though.(about 3/4 inch in diameter) If the corks dont fit, wrap in duct tape until desired diameter.
Bread Take two peices of bread (without crust works well for 1 1/2 inch barrel). I did it because I ran out of potatoes.
Concrete Slugs For 2". barrels only. Take one of those caulk canister things (make sure it fits in ur barrel), wrap in foil, use lots of tape remove caulk thing, reshape mold back, fill with cement and let dry. Shoot the whole thing (tape, glue, whatever). Fill with BB's for more fun.
Gas Just dump some gas in a pheumatic barrel and launch at your next barbeque.
Old Cell Phone Wrap an old cell phone with duct tape and shoot
Sharpened Wooden Stick Saw a broom stick to into pieces and make them fit your barrel, with tape or by putting a pipe over it. Aim at something. Mass destruction.
Vomit Inside Bag Do it as a car drives past and run like hell.
Trailer Ball 2" trailer ball with smaller base than end fits in a 2" barrel perfectly.
Inflated Apendix Its
Old Computer Mouse Sqeek squeek
Highlighters and Dry Erase Pens Place tissue wadding behind pens. We shot a computer and it put a huge dent in the side. Pens exploded on contact leaving a huge mess. Don't do this inside.
BlackJack Take a sock and fill it with lead shot.
Cain Toads In Australia 10 to 30 come out each night. Spray them with ether (or something else flammable) load em in and shoot! They dont go as far as spuds, but its a good way to get rid of em
Christmas Oraments Hope Santa can fly without reindeer!
Base Balls Do not use as a pitching machine
Dice Talk about being a high roller
Mothballs They shoot very far and break on impact.
Light Bulb with Gasoline or Alcohol Break off the end of the blulb then fill with flammable liquid. Seal the end up with tape and then fire. Make sure to use a sabot to support the bulb when it is fired.
Airsoft Pellets in a Bag Put Airsoft pellets in bag fill all the way put holes in the bag with needles all over it. Now this is a shotgun.
Ink Cartridges Show those printer manufacturers that we are sick of paying!
Mini 8 Balls Have a great impact, shoot far
Condoms Filled With Dirt It screws any one elses ideas
Sprinkles Go to super-store or some place like that and buy some sprinkles. Its cool.
Rotten Boiled Eggs in a Sock Leave them in the sun for a week, then put them in a sock, tie it up, use wadding if needed, SPLAT.
Plastic Easter Eggs Filled With Paint Just like giant paintballs
Butcher Bird Butcher birds fit in perfect. Shoot for about 40 meters then just keep flying. Funny to watch (pneumatic gun only).
Passion Fruit Load it, fire it, and watch it!
Pokemon Balls from Burger King Pokemon sucks.
A Huge Spit Wad Get a lot of paper and soak it in water then fire.
Screw Drivers Don't try at home (or work).
Small Tobasco Bottles Fit into 1.5 inch barrel with duct tape.
Hockey Pucks I've tried this and shot a hole through a piece of 1/2" plywood... I had to cut it a little bit.
Cock Gun Tube You may need to use a piece or two of duct tape to fire.
Marble Mortar Cut the bottom off of a 20oz bottle of coke, load with marbles.
Firework Ground Attack Rocket First, estimate the time it will take for a firework to point towards the ground, then cut the fuse accordingly. Shove down the barrel of a combustion spudgun. The fuse will light. If you did it right, the firework will go off in mid air and hit the ground and BOOM!
Reusable Cartridge Cut a strip of cardboard about 2 inches wide, and wrap it around in a circle sized a bit smaller than your barrel. Duct tape this, and then two circles of cardboard the same size as the wrapped up cartridge. Tape one of the circles on, and put whatever you want in the cartridge then tape the other circle on. Volia! You have a re-usable cartridge that is exactly the right size for your barrel!
Railroad Spike Yes, the metal thing that the track is nailed down with. A very heavy peice of iron that is about 8" long and shaped like a projectile already. Make sure to stand clear, cause the thing ain't going around ya'.
Trailer Hitch Like a doorknob, except completely solid metal. Works for most 2" barrels. Destroys everything.
Cement balls Get a lightbulb and trim the metal top off, only the top! pour salt into it and shake it around. That should get ride of the white powder. pour the cement in and wait for it to dry. Reusable if done right.
Pens Filled With Mercury Take the back end off of a pen. Fill it with mercury(find it at local science stores) shoot at something hard. Will cause explosion beyond belief. (Editor: This is stupid and unsafe. Mercury is toxic in even small amounts.)
FireCrackers (Red Dynomites) Stick in end of potato put some cotton or gas on fuse. Fire and watch the works
Blow Darts Take a pencil end with the silver and rubber thing on it and push a pin down the hole from the pencil and then glue in 5 strands of yarnusing super glue.
Socks They dont break car windows.
Light Bulb Dunked in Glass Big explosion with glass everywhere.
Glass Light Bulbs Filled with Paint Take the metal cap of the end, poke hole in it and fill it.
Rubber Glove Full of ln2 Keep people away when shooting. Anything, including small animals, will freeze on impact.
Cluster of Rockets Staged Get 3 Estes "D" motors and 3 Estes "C" motors and dril out the "D" motor delay and ejection charge. Glue "C" motors into "D" motors and fire.
Tops of Water Bottels Just cut off the top of a water bottle and shove it down the barrel.
XBox 360 or XBox wireless controller Flies far as hell and explodes on impact.
Rubber Band Bball Bonces everywhere. Stand very far from impact
Hard Candys Jawbreakers break more than jaws
Frozen Ice-cream Cone Freeze an ice-cream cone.
Flashlight Use an old round one and shove down barrel with the bulb up. If turned on makes cool flashing effect at night
Nails Get a roll of roofing nails for a nailgun that are attached together by wire. Cut off 10 or twenty and roll in a spiral shape. Cut or add nails to size the roll to the barrel, Put in wadding or a plug and then shoot.
Peppers Makes snug fit and flies very straight, explodes on impact with nice spray of seeds
Pill Bottle Alot of pill bottles I found work great in a 2" barrel, just fill with water and launch, goes a long way.
Furby Especially funny if it swears. (Use hammer if it doesn't fit.)
Pool Balls Beware do not shoot at people or anything that will rebound back at you penetrates trees and skulls...
Bean Bag Stuffing Rip open the stuffing of a bean bag and place on top of some wadding. Doesn't travel far but great effect. Wonder what would happen if you soaked them in something flamable.
Blood in a Water Ballon Shoot at a friend and freak people out
Silly String Containers Goes far as hell and makes a big boom
iPods iPods suck.
Forks Very pointy
Tomato sauce in a Water Balloon Better than blood (when trying to freak out friends). Can be shot directly to your plate.
Frozen Fuel Lemon Leave lemon in petrol over night then freeze it for a night. Goes through car bonnet at 12 feet away.
Toy Shotgun Use sponge bullets
LaCrosse Ball Can pierce one inch wood. Lotta kick!
Knives Duct tape knives together until they fit in the barrel.
Volley Balls Spike!
Eye Balls Fit perfectly in 1.5" barrel just tough to find!
Butter Lambs Adds a whole new annual tradition to Easter
Fruity Pebbles Mmmm...shoot in my mouth
Bottle Caps Stings like all get out.
Baked Potatoes Mmmmm...messy
Coleslaw In A Water Balloon Mmmmm.... messy
Rubber Chicken Saw it online. Freaks people out!
Frozen Water Ballons Take a "water bomb" and fill it with water until its about the diameter of your barrel, freeze overnight. In the morning, cut the balloon off the ice ball. I put one through a 1/2" thick piece of dry wall at 50 feet!
Empty Calk Tube Filled with Carcoal Makes a big black cloud.
Lynx Cans Need a big barrel but a full can of Lynx explodes on impact
Arrows Stick as many arrows as possible in front of the potato, and fire straight up into the air. Oh wait, don't do that.
Steel Bolas Cut Horseshoe in half and weld or bolt steel chain to the two halves creating a bola. When fired it will spin and can cut fairly large logs in half. Requires a large gun, put wadding behind it (shop rag)
Airsoft BB's Take a wad of paper towels and shove down barrel until you have a good airtight-wad. find the cap to a spray can that will fit in your barrel. Put cap in, closed side first and fill with BB's. Put another, smaller wad of papertowels infront of the cap so the BB's dont fall out if you aim down. Makes a nice spray of BB's when shot!
Armor Piercing Easter Eggs Take a plastic easter egg and pour out the candy. Find a bunch of pennies and put them in the narrower half of the egg. Drown them in a strong glue, like CA or Gorrila Glue. Wait till dry, then put glue where the two halves snap together. When totally dry sand down any dry glue drops on the outside of the egg. Fold a paper towel in half until you have a long strip, wrap egg in the strip so that you have a tight seal when shoved down your barrel. Weighs a lot and will explode upon impact.
Flour Makes a good cloud
Shrek Toys Shrek is so stupid I hate it. I thought the ugliest thing on this planet was Fionia when she turened into one of thoes green monsters but I was wrong. Thoes little shrek babies in Shrek 3 are the worst. I feel like I need to set something on fire somethng when I see them. When I finally get my hands on one I'm going to shoot it straight into a brick wall.
Foam Use piece of foam to fit your barral and you can shoot anything
Unshelled Walnuts Go far and explode on impact!
Ping-pong Balls, Filled With BB's They go really really really far, about a half a mile, then explodes, leaving a 7 inch hole in the ground, with a whole mess of BB's try filling it with gas and shooting it out of a combustion cannon!
Wads of Duct Tape If you make one make sure it fits in the barrel perfect or it won't go far.
Welded Sinkers It is basically a cannon ball. Very heavy and will go through wooden boards.
Flamming Wooden Ball Take a wooden ball the size of your barrel and cover it in menthol gel, afterwards dip in gasoline and fire.
Glue Great splat
My Wife's Meatloaf It didn't turn out well, so I packed it into my 2", and blew it into the lake behind the house. Fish loved it.
Chem Lights (Glow Stick) Depending on the size of your gun, activate chem light, and wrap in duct tape to fit your barrel, then launch. If you have a big gun, then wrap several lights together, streakes across the sky for about 150 yards.
Potato Soaked in Aerosol Spray After you spray the aerosol on it a lot put a match or something on the end. If it doesn't light up when shot then you have to slow it down.
Ammonium Sulfide Take about 6 ammonium sulfide stinkbombs and wrap together with electrical tape until it fits in barrel. Stinks for days.
Paint cans Get a full paint can and fire away!
Tomato Paste Cans Goes far as hell and makes a huge impact. Get the smallest ones you can find and fit nicely in a barrel with a potato behind it. If you're real super crazy, take an empty one and put three model rocket engenes in to it, drop some gas around the fuse holes, duct tape or glue some crappy fins on it and you got yourself an RPG!
mcDonalds mcDonalds sucks, but the mc nuggets actually bounce if you cool them in your refrigirator. Freakin nasty. French fries make a huge spalt.
Steel Slugs My dad owns a machine shop so these things are everywhere. Shot at a target that I made of 3 inches of cement and 2 inches of wood and it went straight through.
Frozen Corn Dogs Don't recommend shooting straight up.
Burger King Milk Shake This makes a nasty sticky mess on any surface. I don't suggest freezing the milk shake it will do some damage. I do suggest the strawberry shake as it leaves a nasty smell on a window when sun light is baking it to the window.
Pinecones These only want to go one way. Load then in the breech side. they are pretty common and you don't have to clean them up! Works perfectly in 3/4" barrel.
A Dead Rabbit I can confirm that they do in fact mostly eat grass as it was splattered all over the fence.
Bra's Filled with Jello Makes a tight fit if packed correctly and a tasty splatter effect!
Exacto Knives Tape a couple of Exacto knives together until they fit well into the barrel. Its fun to watch them stick into fences.
A Gun Irony
Weed When shot it catches on fire and gets every one within a one mile radius high as a cloud.
Baby chicks. Baby kittens What goes "cheep...spat"? What goes "meow...splat?"
Nectarines and Apples With a 24" x 4" chamber and 48" x 2" barrel (combustion) and about 7 seconds of hairspray and a few seconds of WD-40, shot both 200 yards +!!!
Floam Pack it into the barrel and dry overnight. Then fire.
Onion Like a potato, but vapourises into a fine mist leaving everyone with tears streaming. A form of tear gas I suppose.
Pictures Soak them in gas and watch them burn. Pretty colors.
Easy fireball Spray the spud with your fuel/propellant. Cool meteor effect.
Pringles Can Doesnt go far but a very loud bang. We just hung ours over the end of the barrel. Do not shoot from inside a garage or similar. You will go deaf for a few days afterwards!
Plaster of Paris Balls Cut a racquetball in half, fill the halves with Plaster of Paris, stick em together and let it dry. Only takes a few minutes, They're cheap, and will put holes through 3/4" plywood. Or use hydraulic cement instead of plaster for a cinderblock-busting round.
Railroad Spike Pt a potato behind it, and with a pneumatic gun, it was shot half way into a tree, we could not get the thing out.
Full Silly String Can Makes a big mess
Mr. Bubbles 4oz Mr. Bubbles bottle. Empty contents. Add Rocks and sand. Wrap with a little bit of yarn to make a nice fit with 2 in Barrel. Blow planks off a fence.
Goo The little plastic buckets of goo u buy at the dollar store. First put in a potato then the thing of goo. Shoot it at the tree and it will smash the the little plastic container and it will splat really cool!
Driveway (Rock) Salt Shoot at snow man for a shotgun spray and then an "I'm Melting" effect later.
Pepsi Bottle Filled with Crayons and Gasoline Big colorful BOOM!
Paper Towel Hurts like crazy, LOL.
Dead Mouse Got a rodent problem? Nowhere to put them? Make it your neighbors problem.
Daytime Fireworks Roll a bunch of grass inside a sock, shoot in air the grass will be everywhere
Gold Coins Man do those hurt
Needles Just stuff a potato in there, and any extra needles
Car shocks Shockingly powerful.
A concrete ball soaked in sulfer and gas Highly destructive and will cause a huge stinking/flaming hole
Baloon Blower uper Stretch baloon or condom over end of barrel and secure it. Will reach maxium stretch potintial pop with a loud bang.
Skittles Taste the rainbow!
Action Figures Just add a cape and watch him fly!
M&M Tube Tops The tops from the M&M tubes
Fishing Buoy Floats Makes a great wadding to shoot almost anything. Must recreate a new wadding after so many uses cause the Buoy does shrink from the heat.
Banana Fits perfect in a 1 1/2 inch barrel. Use with or without the peel.
iPod Who needs it anyway!
Chicken Legs These splatter like hell!
Soda Can Makes a great mess and shots out hard and fast. Avoid hitting people.
Shotgun Shells WITH CHOPSTICK I took a .410 shotgun shell, used a little wadding so it would fit (1/2 inch barrel,) put it down the barrel brass down, put a chopstick into the barrel, and shot it at a cheerios box at only 35 psi (in the house) it went through the whole box, broke, and punched 2 inches into the drywall behind it! You can use any size shell for any size barrel.
Coke Bomb Take a coke can (or any "shatterable" container) and superglue a lot steel wool to the bottom. Fill Coke can with gasoline. Amount will depend on what kind of explosion you want. Put in barrel with steel wool at botttom. Will ignite steel wool and explode on impact.
Flaming potato Punch a bunch of holes in the potato and fill them with your favourite combustible. Put the pieces of the potato back in the holes and soak it in another combustible. Shoot it. Makes a nice fireball.
Model rocket without fins Super long range.
Justin Beiber Bobble heads If I can't shoot at him, why not shoot him?
Full can of beer Explodes on impact
Metal Jacks A shotgun ammo that sticks in targets. Jacks are little spikey metal things for a game and they come with a little bouncy ball
Dead Rabbit It will be a bloody mess
iPhone 4 Who cares, the iPhone 5 is coming
Socks First ball up the sock before inserting. Safe to shoot and won't damage property of injure people. Good as a wad to fire confetti, also good for testing the spud gun.
Paint rollers Wrap with rags and duct tape to get a nice fit and tape one end up. Usually catches fire. Can be filled with almost anything
Powdered Sugar Pour in a cup or so of powdered sugar after your potato. Should make a nice fireball. Haven't done it, it's just a thought.
Coke Can with Paint inside I little preperation - works (most of the time) with tennis ball launchers ( you need 2 & 1/2 inch barrel) - drink coke, pour in red piant or tomato sauce or something, and hot glue it shut again, then launch it top first - make sure it doesn't slip into combusion chamber or air chamber before shooting - makes big splat and huge paint glob everywhere if fired fast enough at a wall or thick tree - be sure to have large air/combustion chamber, or a lot of lighter fluid :D
snappers Put a bunch of them on top of a potato in the barrel and they will all pop on impact.
M&M's Shoot em at a hard surface, explodes on impact and makes colorful dots wherever you shoot them.
Anything tied to a string Tie something to a string (Ball, stick ETC). Then, tie the other end of the sting to something solid (Tree, Vehicle ETC). And boom! now, you can pull it back in.
Marshmallow If it's wet it sticks too!
Water Fill the barrel up with water. Really nice kick depending on how much air your gun can hold.
Flaming Packing Peanuts Take some flammable wadding then put 10 to 15 packing peanuts (make sure they don't melt) and enjoy. Just fire into wind.
ABS Plastic Bullet Turned on a lath, about 3'' long, goes through anything. Reuseable until the police take it away.
Summer Sausage Fits well in a 1.5 to 2 inch barrel. No lubrication needed, those things are freakin slippery. Shoot into your friends mouth (if you want to possibly kill them).
Candy Canes Great festive ammo
Shoes You can get more
Frozen Lemon Hard, fast, straight through 1 inch plywood. KABOOMBA
Home Made Wax Shell Easy to make. Just melt old candles and pour them into the same size pipe as the barrel.
Popcorn seeds Put some wadding down the barrel and a food amount of popcorn seeds. Find the right amount for your spud gun andi mowes down bushes! Cheap, and Allot of fun!
Anti-aircraft ammo Go to a home depot and buy the thinnest twine you can find. Take two potatoes and thread a 3-4 ft piece of twine through both of the potatoes. Tie a knot so the potatoes don't come loose. Put both potatoes down the barrel and fire. The potatoes will spread apart and the string will act like a super sharp blade. This will cut through any foam RC plane and do destructive damage to a balsa plane. Great for taking out those water balloon dropping planes.
Rock Shards Crush up a rock and load into your barrel as much as you want. Like a shotgun when fired.
Cheap LED flashlights - night time fun! Use newspaper (or something) as wadding and stuff it down the barrel, and then turn the flashlight on and drop it in. Just make sure the button is away from away from the wadding or it will turn off from the detonation when fired. Awesome in the wilderness. Easy to find if it survives impact.
Gophers You could shoot a gopher with a gopher.
Poker chips Works great with 1.5" barrel used starter fluid as propellant. Use thin tape to hold 6 or 7 poker chips together. OMG! Goes super fast and super hard! WARNING! Do not aim at people places or things.
Rolled up T-shirt Roll up tightly and put it in the cannon 3'' is best
Glass Marbles You need a tiny barrel but it shoots great . I shot from 60feet trough 2ich plywood
Lead Ball Sinkers Load a small piece of spud into gun as bottom cap then load a handfull of lead ball sinkers then re cap with more spud.
Plastic bags Stuff them in the barrel after lubricating with petroleum jelly
Tennis Balls with Wet Sand Get a tennis ball and cut a slit in it and fill it with wet sand
Pajamas Make good wadding, or you can fill them with jello and tie the ends.
Pvc Get pvc pipe just smaller than your barrele, heat it up and make a bulge that will fit in your barrel, and fill with hot glue.
Rubber Blinky Balls Great tracer effect on the way up and blinks again when they land. Kids have a blast chasing them down and best of all they do all the recovery. Very loud and safe
Homemade incendiary ping-pong balls drill a small hole of a ping pong ball, fill it with match heads, use a small amount of epoxy to plug the hole, and fire using a combustion cannon, or use strike anywhere matches with a pneumatic cannon.
Sand wrapped in aluminium foil Use 1/4 cup of sand for a 2" barrel, wrap in a 12" by 12" sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, and use a toilet paper wad. This explodes on impact, and shoots crazy far
Bull pecker A frozen bull pecker will fly like a rocket, spiraling in flight.
Dragon's Breath (kinda) Strap a blowtorch to the end of the barrel (put barrel around 3 inch away from the flame) and use small metal nuts wrapped in paper (soaked in gasoline of course) Load the barrel, turn on the torch and Blast Away.
Mannequin leg + hot sauce Concerning for onlookers

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