My Favourite Web Sites

Below you will find a list of my favourite and most visited websites. Please let me know if you find any broken links.

The QBasic Page
This is a great page for QBasic programmers. There is lots of source code to download, and a discussion forum, and a great QBasic help section. You can also submit your own programs via email.

The Hardware Book
"Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions." A very informative site. You will find the pinout for almost every connector imaginable. There is also a section on building adapters, such as a 9 pin to 25 pin serial cable. Also, if you don't see it on the site, but have the pinout at home, you can email it to the author. A must see.

Craig Van Doren's Web Page
I helped Craig design the page. He told me to make the description say "This page contains photos of the greatest classic rock musicians who have paved the way for music today. Such artists as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, CCR, Cream, etc. Enjoy!"

Brent's (New) High Voltage Page
A great page! This page contains some of the most amazing high voltage and Tesla coil photos I have ever seen. There is lots of information about Tesla coils and the neat tricks you can do with them. Also included are Tesla links and references. This page is a must see for any high voltage lover.
After WINFILES.COM was absorbed by DOWNLOAD.COM, I had no choice but to use this site for shareware and freeware downloads. I don't necessarily like the layout, but there's a tonne of software, and you will probably find what you are looking for if you are willing to put in some time searching.

The Forever Knight Episode Guide
This is by far the best Forever Knight episode guide on the Net. It is very well organized and presented in a visually appealing way. Also, the home page it belongs to is not bad, and includes all sorts of Forever Knight info.

Visual Basic Accelerator
A great site on Visual Basic. A lot of info has been put into this site, and it is cleanly organized. It includes code samples, downloadable controls (with source), a few articles and even a bunch of icons! Very useful for anyone interested in VB.

RX-7 Forum
Probably the most useful Mazda RX-7 site on the Internet. This is the largest RX-7 community you will find, and if you are interested in the RX-7, the only site you need to know about. Has generational forums, general discussion, standalone info, and much, much more. I help out with moderation.

This is the premier resource for in-car MP3 players and in-car computing. There are quite a lot of links, some info and a directory of MP3 Cars. Perhaps the most useful feature is the forum. Come and discuss all your car computing viewpoints!

The Register
This site is the new home of The Bastard Operator From Hell. The Bastard is the story of Simon, a mentally disturbed, sadistic network operator. Read all about the Bastard as he wreaks havoc in the IT department, turns workers into drooling vegetables and continually blackmails the boss. Also a great source for computer and IT industry news, which I guess is the site's primary focus. Their often sarcastic take on technology related events is a very enjoyable read.

Symantec Security Response
Home to information on the latest virus threats and hoaxes, plus a more virus information than you would ever need. Symantec is the maker of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, in my opinion the best virus scanner on the market. Too bad their consumer version (Norton AntiVirus) seriously sucks. This site helps keep you advised of the latest threats and developments.

What can I say about eBay that has not already been said? The worlds largest online auction. If you want to buy it, it'll be on eBay.

I tend to travel fairly often, and find the maps available at MapQuest to be totally invaluable. The service is free, and not only offers maps of almost everywhere, but can also supply driving directions, sites of interest, and other information. I don't know how they do it all for free, but I'm glad they do and hope they continue into the future.

Tzi's ScooterWorld
A great site with hundreds of homemade gas scooters. Everything from mini-choppers to motorized Razor scooters. The forum is a nice touch, but it is very juvenile and there is actually very little knowledge available. Mostly a decent site to browse through, look at the pictures, and get ideas. See if you can spot my scooter. The Independent Honda Insight Website
InsightCentral is the premier Honda Insight website. It has more info on the car then the Honda website, and has a great forum. An excellent resource for the new Insight owner and anyone else who wants to learn about this unique car.

The EV Discussion List Photo Album
This is an unofficial photo album for the members of the EV Discussion List, an email based forum on electric vehicles. This site showcases some of the fascinating cars (and not cars) owned by some of the members of the EV list. A worthwhile read for anyone, whether they are interested in electric vehicles or not. Be prepared to spend several hours browsing.

Weld Talk Message Boards
For anyone interested in welding (such as myself), this is an essential site. You would be hard pressed to find a more concentrated source of welding knowledge anywhere else. The forums cover welding processes, products and projects.

The Chronicles Of George
COG is a site that should be required reading for every computer tech. The site covers the tale of the creator's dealings with George, an inept and incompetent co-worker that is so poor at his job it is laughable. COG provides many hours of entertaining reading and when you are done with the main content, there is a forum that will continue to amuse for years to come. The most entertaining forum area is "War Stories and Other Tickets" in which other techs can post and rant about their own Georgean experiences. I do not participate in this forum since I have a policy of always registering for forums under my own name and do not want to alienate my customers.

Simple Digital Systems (SDS) EFI
While I am not too thrilled about their fuel injection systems, SDS EFI has probably one of the best technical references for those interested in fuel injection that I have seen. Includes everything from manifold fabrication to overviews of various injector types. The useful links are at the top of the tech page.

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo
The Megasquirt is the first and only open source fuel injection system. Originally created by Bowling and Grippo, the 'Squirt now has a huge following of both users and contributors and has really turned into a useful and world class system. The Megasquirt EFI Forum is another massively useful resource for anyone interested in the Megasquirt and is required reading for anyone doing a project including any version of the 'Squirt.

YouTube is the most popular and easy to use video sharing site on the Internet. Whether you are looking for videos of a Singing Tesla Coil or a Border Collie Attacking a Pumpkin, you will find it on YouTube. Just be aware that this site is also an incredible time hole. Just writing this description took 20 minutes because I kept getting sidetracked. Also make sure to check out my videos while you are there.

The Daily WTF
Showcasing curious perversions in information technology, the Daily WTF brings humorous and unbelievable stories relating to computers, programming and corporate failure. With archives going back many years, it's the perfect read when you are stuck in the office dishing out phone support. Along with each article the readers are invited to comment, which can often bring amusement, disgust, empathy or a combination of the three in various percentages.

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