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The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Saturday, December 04, 2004

Why is it that inevitably, all my favourite television shows get either cancelled, or screwed beyond belief by changes? The latter seems to be the fate of one of the few shows I watch on a regular basis, and indeed, one that could formerly be called the single good computer show on the air.

The ScreenSavers has now been ruined. What was once a highly intellectual and hard core computer show has been turned into what can only be described as a a shadow of it's former self. Gone are the in depth hardware reviews, interviews with industry visionaries and comprehensive tech advice. Now we have BMX bike racers, vodka filters and rap "artists". Exactly what do these things have to do with computers and the Internet?

These changes for the negative started sometime around the beginning of the summer. Shortly before, TechTV was absorbed by the G4 Gaming Network and became G4TechTV (roles off the tongue, doesn't it?). Due to contract issues, Leo LaPorte, the long time host of the show, was forced to end his association with G4TechTV. This was truly unfortunate because Leo has vast amounts of experience with tech and media. This, combined with the maturity inherent to someone of his years, made him (in my mind anyway) the perfect host. Shortly after, Patrick Norton, the long time co-host, decided to move on to other things after getting married. Pat had not only enough knowledge to make him perfect for the role, he also brought to the screen a certain craziness and anarchy required at times, while still mainaining the show's dignity.

With the disappearance of the two hosts, Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane were appointed as the new hosts. All well and good, but at nearly half the age of Leo, these two had the combined maturity of a below average kindergartener. Kevin, pseudo hacker extraodinair, is so tech un-savvy that in one episode, he was afraid of getting a shock from a 12V car battery. Sarah; well I have no idea why Sarah is even on the show. Her interviewing skills are sub-par. She must have flunked that class in her visual arts course. I'd like to say that she was there for TNA, but thinking along those lines, the only phrase that can come to my mind is "meh". Perhaps now would be a good time to mention that Kevin and Sarah are an item. One would think that sexual innuendoes and in-flirting would be inappropriate for a computer show, but Kevin and Sarah don't seem to share the same opinion. And did I mention the swearing? In the 3 years I watched the show hosted by Leo and Pat, I can't recall hearing the censor's "bleep" even once. Even during the first week of Kevin and Sarah's reign, they probably had to replace the button. What's worse is that all the other segments suffered as well. But it was only to get more and more depressing.

Several months later, Sarah stepped down as co-host, and a kid by the name of Alex Albreight stepped in. You may remember him from such commercials as "Dell Computers". Can you spell "conflict of interest"? It was at this point that the show became fundamentally broken. Alex's computer knowledge was abysmal. I would have to compare it with that of the average AOL user, which is to say, fairly pathetic. He didn't know the meaning of acronyms, the basics of TCP/IP or the components of a PC. And I can only guess that he was in class with Sarah during that course on conducting an interview. Though he must have failed with an even lower grade. He had virtually no skills in this area, which was constantly demonstrated. He asked the wrong questions. He froze up. He swooned. Hardly the behaviour of a television professional. Perhaps the worst part was the dialog between these two clowns. Kevin and Alex would constantly trade sexual innuendoes, in jokes and other quips that have no business on a tech show.

It may seem like I am attacking these people because of some type of personality conflict. This is not true at all. The simple fact is that they suck, and they are the reason for the downfall of the show. Besides the hosting problems, every element of the show declined. The hardware reviews became nothing but a shell of their former selves. To say that they only scratched the surface would probably be a generous compliment. Not only did they misrepresent products and get specifications wrong, but sometimes they couldn't even get the product's name correct! And that's when they actually got to the review. Several times they just goofed off and then moved to the next segment. Yohsi's mods went downhill as well. They went from multi-month projects full of information and technique to week long appearance mods (for the most part; there were still some pretty cool creations). Yes, the new contests and audience were a definite positive, bringing an interactivity back to a show that used to be much more accessible. But the sweeping changes meant that the bad outshadowed the good.

At this point, it was roughly a week ago that the hosts were once again changed. Kevin "resigned" as host, back to his role of "dark tipper" (laugh). Alex is nowhere to be seen. I can only hope that he has become Amish, as the religion will teach him some much needed lessons, and the lack of technology will keep him off the television. Anyway, I digress. Our two new intrepid hosts, Chi-Lan Lieu and Kevin Pereira, are simply terrible. Their computer knowledge must have stemmed from the fact that at one point or another, they saw a computer in the distance. That is to say, they don't know a damn thing. In one week, I can't recall them ever answering a single tech question. Kevin P just makes unfunny jokes on a constant basis, and Chi-Lan just kind of stands there. The reviews and "tech" segments are now virtually non-existent, and the news feeds can only be described as lazy. For example, on one show, all they did is read from The Register. I can do that on my own, thank you, and without the useless commentary.

So there you have it. The show is officially ruined. Through both a combination of inept hosting and a gradual dumbening (I'm aware that is not a word), one of the more informative and interesting show has been essentially turned into a waste of 42 minutes. I blame it completely on TechTV's absorption by G4. The massive changes caused by the merge have pretty much blown TechTV away, and The ScreenSavers was one of the many casualties.

Comments From Others

The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, March 03, 2013
A comment about 9 years after the original post and nearly 10 months after the last one. I only started getting TechTV during the Leo/Patrick period (didn't see the Leo/Kate period), but during that time it was my favorite show. After Pat & Leo left it got less interesting (as everyone knows), then it got changed to attack of the show (does not have the right to have any capital letters in its name) watched 15 minutes of it and that was it. Now the only time I watch G4 is when I am flipping channels and my remote dies (a painful few moments while I change batteries).
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Monday, December 03, 2012
I heard that this pussy ass of a show had an episode pulled because they taught people how to fix their own broken heard drives. It was probably a bunch of greedy cunt wart companies that wanted this shit kept secret.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
The Screensavers was a good show. However, even when The Screensavers was at it's peak with Leo and Kate, I remember being bored about 80% of the show. It was just too simple and geared for new internet and computer users. Once or twice a show I would learn something. If you would have asked me then how many good computer shows would be available 10 years later, the number I would have given would have been greater than 0. Sad.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Yea it sucks, I only found out about the screensavers a few months before techtv turned to g4, then soon after it became a paid channel in my area. Fine by me, it wasn't worth paying for anymore anyway.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I really miss the Leo and Kate years. Remember Tilde and Dash? I actually visited the studio where the filmed the shows on my honeymoon in 2000. Took a bunch of pics. Leo nor Kate were there but I got to watch them film an episode of Internet Tonight and Call For Help. They had a fill in host. It all went to crap after Kate left in my opinion. Pat was OK, but the show lost the "fun" factor after she left. Oh well, all good things..........
Programmer #A-5 of
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, January 04, 2008
Ah, The Screen Savers. Anybody recall the Kate/Leo episodes? I saw those back in 1998, during the Enronian Dot-Com years. ZDTV was it back then, with shows like Silicon Spin and Fresh Gear. The G4 bought 'em and wrecked everything. I stopped watching the day Leo was gone. I didn't turn 'em back on till recently, like around Summer 2007. The two hosts on The Screen Savers...I mean, Attack of the Show (WTF?) are okay now, and the male had some nasty questions to ask Sony about PS3's failure. It's a bit more goofy, but these two current hosts, and the occasional Layla Kayleigh (not an airhead, despite ultimate T&A appeal) makes the show work. Then there's Cinematech (both flavors) and Game Makers, which is about as far as old ZDTV it can go, and that's not far at all. I don't like X Play, I don't like anything about X Play, and I'm sick of X Play's "Top Ten" of everything. It's like Dvorack has said that "Top Ten" lists or any list is just the editorial staff throwing darts at the subjects on a board. Next Generations could be accused of this, too, but that's another topic in another universe.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, September 30, 2007
TSS was awesome. AOTS licks ass badly. i used to watch it everyday and now all it is, is reruns of cops, star trek and cheaters. and for the one that says morgan and cat didnt know tech stuff?? if you should know on call for help cat was one of the producers. and morgan was a tech girl behind the scene at TSS. what they need to do is bring back techtv and get rid of all the crap that is g4. i mean xplay was good for awhile but after awhile the suckiness that is g4 overcame that show as well. the only ones left from tech tv is morgan and adam. and they ahve to do what they are told or they will get replaced ala leo and the rest of them.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, September 28, 2006
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Monday, May 29, 2006
I think its allthe fault of G4

(Editor's note: Ya think?)

Someone who has no intelectual properties
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, January 15, 2006
AOTS is well Okay at best. I only watch It for 2 things. Free Play Friday(Kevin P tells you about something actually fun that free even though it is often a demo) and First 50 (Kevin P tells play a game for 50 minutes then tells you about weather it is good or not) that is it. G4 has just gone down the tube. First: I don't even know what is a rerun. Two: my fav show Judgement Day (don't laugh) is well just not Shown nearly enough. Three: they rarely show new Xplay episodes. Four: Anime Unleashed absolutly sucks (Almost evreything on its is crap). Five: The Man Show (Jimmy Kemmel and Adam Corrola) is shown only on weekends and only 2 episodes are shown. Six: was cancelled ( I liked it). Seven: Vary Rarely do they make new Icons episodes and now it seems like they don't wanna (the sin city on was NOT good). Eight: The website is confusing. Nine: why are you showing Star Tek the next generation. Ten: Street Fury SUUUUUCKS (there I said it). Eleven: get rid of cinematech.
Pootie Tang
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Yeahh i was pretty bummed out when i 1st started noticing the decline of each and every show on the network(TechTV)! The only show that was pretty much unaffected was X-Play! Aside from that if you were a pretty avid viewer of the network the begining of the end of everything/everyone that made that network what it was was a hard thing to swallow! Also.. i know we all miss the tech info aspects of all of the shows on the TechTV network but let me just speak on 1 of if not the other main feature bout TechTV that we "all" do/will miss almost as much as the tech content. The feature im talkin bout which ran throught "every" single show is/was... "THE NUMEROUS HOTTIES" were not only HOT but who also had just the perfect amounts of that kinda "geeky/nerdy" quality about each of em!! And its not like "any" of the numerous former "Babes of TechTV" were there just for "eye-candy"! Hell no they were'nt these chicks "all" were legit in regards to the distinct bit of "flava" each of them brought to the network..all were major contributors to what helped TechTV rise to its "Roman Empire" like greatness..which are now sadly enuf just faded/fading fond memories to us all! "Salute and Big Thnx Babes of TechTV..wherever you all maybe now!" "Salute and Big Thnx also to TechTV..not just for the quality info srvc provided by you all but also for keepin it "fresh" as well as "FUN"!!! ;)

(Editor's note: Sarah Lane = eye candy....and not very tasty candy at that. Morgan Webb = eye candy...basically no technical knowledge...Cat = eye candy....basically no technical knowledge.)

The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
This Week in Tech or Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, David Prager, Yoshi DeHerrera, Robert Heron, Roger Chang, John C. Dvorak, and Dan Huard

(Editor's note: Yeah, I've been meaning to look at that. But I'm still trying to catch up on Leo's radio shows).

J Thompson
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
I to was a tss fan. everyday after work I would watch the show to learn something new for my computer. I did like Kevin Ross for his dark tips. To get the tss show I had to upgrade from basic cable. That was the only reason I did upgrade. The only thing I can say good about G4 taking over the show is ( I now save money because I don't need the cable upgrade anymore.) G4 Kill the only show that I would watch everyday it was on. I hope to find something to replace it with someday. And as so many have said I missed leo and pat. the show was never the same without the two of them.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, June 05, 2005
Well first off if you really knew what these people are like behind the shows they produce , lot of them like Dan Huard have no love for fans at all, they say nasty things about the people that watch the show. How do i know this, just go to a chat that dans in, He thinks that he so cool because was an intern on the show, now he thinks hes a god. If he cleaned the wax out of his ears, his head would deflate. Really you people should learn on your own. You can have just as much fun learning your computer and about technology without these tv personalities. and thats why TSS sucks.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, May 13, 2005
I agree, it has gone down the tubes with these new people around, like Kevin P. It rarely has anything good for tech, just stuff no one cares about. Also if someone wants to say about how much they hate AOTS, they can go to . I hope they can get back on track and give more relevant info.
John Corniel
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, April 29, 2005
I agree completely!!! When I found TechTV in the Spring of 2003, it was like a breath of fresh air that filled me with so much knowledge and produced so many ideas. I would run home to watch the show, watched the repeats, taped the show and talked about the show to so many people. I got digital cable because of TechTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Comcast bought it, the show just fell apart completely. I moved with my girlfriend and we just got Digital Cable. G4 IS A JOKE!!! It is all about video games!!! I can't believe it. Hey, video games are cool but there are so many other things to talk about. Even the SPY SHOW was good at times. There was variety that appealed to a broad audience. Leo, Pat and Kevin should all start the show again on another Cable Network!!!!!!! ?????????? WHY NOT!!!!! -John-
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, April 22, 2005
I don't have anything new to add. But everyones comments made me feel relieved. Through my work, I'm familar with how takeovers expand a business. But I also know that a takeover on paper doesn't necessarily mean the company has changed from within. The poor programming is proof G4 is struggling with their newly acquired product. Can't blame the young hosts, they're hanging out, bs'-ing and getting paid for it. In the end, ratings will suffer, and G4 will die, and screensavers will be reborn becuase there is a market for it.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, April 15, 2005
G4 bought TechTV for the market share, do you know any cable or satellite company that discountinued G4 programming? Before G4 bought TechTV they had very little market share since other cable/satellite TV companies did not broadcast G4. Now they are broadcasted in almost every US market which gives them MARKET SHARE and can sell advertising a bit easier. As long as G4 can sell advertising there will be G4. TechTV built its market share with its viewer base, G4 built its market share by buying TechTV. This is how the business world works, if you think that is a lie you will need a government job to support yourself.
fred fep
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, April 07, 2005
I agree that it sucks taht TechTV was killed off and TSS made into a muddled mess of childishness and lack of valuable tech knowledge.... I went back to DirectTV for two things, TechTV (and the Sreensavers) and Newswatch International. The last because all the rest of what they call news is propaganda and full of it, TechTV because it actually was an informative valuable station and TSS the best thing on TV to learn something since, well maybe ever... But what I am quite confused about is if they bought TechTV for market share why exactly did they drive almost all this market share away? I think that was a lie, they bought it to get rid of the competition..look how lame G4 is..therte is no point to it.. A test pattern would attract some market share, people watch each and every one of the numerous and mostly identical stations that show evengelists screaming or sell paste jewelry all day, so there is an audience even for this pap....what make it sort of a crime is they removed TSS and a couple of other shows taht even watered down were still the smartest shows on TV and also the only ones that actually respected their audience...these new guys have nothing but contempt for their audience..they didn't wants elective smart viewers, they didn't want smart adept hosts, and certainly didn't want intesting just thinking about all the brains and witty people they had on, Michio Kaku, the guy from MAD magazine, the experts on Photoshop and other software and media..... Now they giggle over nothing....yeah even Martin Sargent had more umph than this.... so I don't get why they would want the market share but drive it all know this station will be showing hours long commercials all night soon (oh I forgot, they basically do that anyway) So I came back tos atellite for this station and it was bought, moved and wrecked....Leo is on radio in LA or is it San Francisco, his partner gone forever from giving us input and knowledge..bring back Megan bring them all back, send these morons running this station to Iraq, give them a pong game and make tehm play it 24 hours a day...the equivalent of taking away our smart intelligent informative very warm and friendly shows and replace them with what is not the equivalent of pong because that would be an insult to Pong, it is closer to the game of dots, and the game of dots taht came in my old computer which didn't work right and seemed to cheat, or like computer solitair but with a deck missing all the Jacks... G4TV is the worst thing on TV worse than the Soap Newtowrk, worse than the most insipid televangelis, worse than the worst excercise equipment adathon, worse than static.....I look at the new Screensavers now at least unique in having maybe the worst TV show name in the history of television, and it is so dull, it has snippets of things once in a blue moon.. I thought the idea of games was to play them not watch people talk about thema nd watch others playing them...even MTV which hardly plays music anymore is not as bad as TechTV being destroyed as it has share my ass, they just wanted to eliminate that audience by eliminating the station they watched... If anyone ever wantedf an example on the problem with unfettered capitalism, the G4 takeover and destruction of TSS and TechTV would be a good example to use..monopolistic assholes, taht is what G4 is..not to mention untalented bores
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Monday, April 04, 2005
they ought to release all the seasons on dvd (pre-g4-acquisition) there was a strong enough following to make it a big success. I'd buy a copy -- or two :0

(Editor's note: One word: BitTorrent)

The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, April 03, 2005
It was obvious from Day One that this "takeover" was a hostile one, and indeed, we've all now seen that it is/was. Hardly anyone left from TechTV, they've changed the name back to just G4, and virtually all of the TechTV original shows have given up the ghost. I think it is fair to say that many of the TechTV folks knew this was coming, and bailed before all hell broke loose. Fair warning to Adam, Morgan, Kevin Rose and Sarah; you're next, and TechTV will be no more. G4 does, indeed, suck donkey balls.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Saturday, April 02, 2005
I'd been watching TSS for about 2 years, maybe 3 when the transferrence to G4 began. I'm only 13 years old, and I alone in my age group have noticed Tech Tv's give-in to gaming and poor performance in hosts. I'm not sure I recall correctly, but wasn't G4 on digital cable only? If they've moved from digital cable to regular cable, you can tell they won't last long.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
The ScreenSavers name was changed because it didn't fit the G4 show profile. G4 only bought TechTV for its market share. The name Attack of the Show came from the comments of the original TSS viewers. G4 sucked when it came to the technical value of the ScreenSavers and felt the show was under attack by its original TSS viewers. Now that the ScreenSavers is gone and the new show is crap, there is no longer a need to insult G4 for what they did to the ScreenSavers. There is also no need to watch G4, unless you like game infomercials and brainless programming.
The ScreenSavers: ATTACK OF THE SHOW!?!?
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Now it's "Attack of the Show"....What the efff?!?!? One good thing with changing the name is that the good name of "The Screen Savers" will no longer be soiled by this CRAAAP!!!! Maybe they will bring back old school TSS with Leo, Pat, etc.. (YEAAA SURREEE!!!!!)
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Monday, March 28, 2005
The current show is absolute trash. 24 hours of Game crap presented by uneducated kindergarteners who don't have a clue. Yes that goes for even Kevin Rose. He was actually okay when Leo and Patrick were on. But now, its obvious that he spends to much time drooling over Sarah (by the way, shouldn't Sarah be looking for someone her own age?). Bring back Leo and Patrick!
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Unfortunately, I agree and I am still disappointed by the loss of Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. I still listens to Leo on the weekends during his radio call-in show. A huge void is what we are left with. I am thirsty for Tech knowledge but I don't think that the venture capitalists, I know will ante up the millions needed to put this show or one like it back onto cable-TV. Something needs to happen because there are many who feel, think and believe the same about this void.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now RULES
Monday, March 21, 2005
I liked all the hardcore tech information on the old screensavers, but i like the new stuff better. kevin rose is awesome and does some of the coolest stuff you could imagine. sara is...well....sara is there...but shes still cool. Science and honor

(Editor's note: Kevin Rose does cool stuff? Since when?)

The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, March 20, 2005
I agree with poster who said that without Patrick alone it sucks. Patrick had a great sense of humor and his knowledge was great. I liked it when Leo, Megan and Morgan were there. When they added Kevin and Sara after the others left it was still good because Patrick and Leo were there. Then G4 bought them and moved it to LA and everything went bad. It shouldn't have even been called TSS at that point.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, March 18, 2005
I'm sorry, but the current TSS doesn't suck. Just because it's geared toward a slightly different audience doesn't mean it's gotten worse. I think the new hosts do fine, and the show is extremely entertaing. I watch it religiously,.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Wow, I coudn't agree more. I started watching TechTV back when it was ZDTV, and it came all fuzzed out on some crappy, public access-type channel. To be honest I'm not that into technology at all, but TSS was a fun show to watch back in the day, and I always learned something new from it. Now I can't stand watching it for more than 2 minutes. I don't blame the hosts, I blame the whole G4/TechTV merger thing. It seems to cater to nothing but 20-something, "hardcore", geek-chic, college kids now. It's infuriating to see them throw unfunny, sexual inuendos back and forth to each other, and work on some do-it-yourself-beer keg (WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY/INTERNET? AAAAUGGGH.....). I'm glad they kept X-Play. But really, how long will it be 'till that gets ruined too? They already got rid of Unscrewed. Remember that whole HALO 2 day on G4!? They should have just had the hosts felate a giant phallus with the words HALO 2 on it AM I RITE! LAWL........
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, March 13, 2005
i hear ya..
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
I was never an old school fan, I loved the show with Leo, Patrick, Megan, and Morgan. That was the TSS I knew, now the only thing remaining is Morgan's senselses yammer on X-play. The show was wonderful in that I could watch it and know everything, and the next minute I am in way over my head, there was something for everyone. I also miss Future Fighting Machines, Tech Live, and other such shows. Gone are the days when the only show I moaned seeing on TechTV was The Thunderbirds.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, February 27, 2005
What the He@@ happened. Leo?? NO>>>> thats not why is sucks the reason it sucks is norton is gone....jeez the guy was a genius also the fact they concentrate on gaming. While I must admit gaming it driving the industry its like so no focusing on the technical aspect of gaming...Shi@ the only reason I bought cable originally was this i'm screwed....why can't we have a good technical show.....Ah seems like the world is going to he@@ in a handbasket
Brad Greenwood
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Monday, February 21, 2005
The only thing that sucks more than the demise of the awesome SF-based Screensavers is the fact that I discovered, via DirecTV, Tech TV only a year and a half prior to the death of the LaPorte/Norton hour o' fun. I still keep finding myself tuning in to FrankenG4TechTV... it's much like continuing to open an empty refrigerator, expecting there to be food inside. Alas, fans of "meaty" tech shows are continuing to starve.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, February 18, 2005
You guys rock, just like the Screen Savers with the awesome new hosts!!!
Goober McGoobski
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks ALOT!
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I agree with the rest...........All the hosts do now is banter with each other ad naueum......No usefull information.......The old show taught me tons of stuff which I now use at work,networking,wifi,troubleshooting nothing....Why doesn't some other network fill the void........there are plenty of really cool new technologies to talk about......and plenty of computer knoledgable personalities.............
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Per the contracts they signed before being released, those let go by Comcast are not permitted to divulge any information regarding any ill feelings towards said network mutation.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I used to learn a lot about trouble shooting, new hardware, computing issues: but now the show is full of mindless chatter. It is sad when you watch a program to learn stuff only to find out you know more then the hosts appear to.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, February 06, 2005
I gave up on it awhile ago, I dropped the extended dig. catv. The whole station in my opinion has kind of lost it.I wish we had another station like it used to be but more technical.
william whitney
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
I tried to watch many times but it sucks soooooooo bad. Leo come back save the show!!!!!
The Bunch
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, January 23, 2005
The BUNCH in the computer world use to stand for Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data and Honeywell. Technology caused some to merge such as Univac and Burroughs which became Unisys and others to sell off there computer operations to other computer companies. The point is that change happens and is sometimes for the better. New computer companies and technologies came and gone such as DEC and parts of IBM. When it comes to The Screensavers, they have regressed. The main reason for a show like The Screensavers was to promote computer technology, computer news and not to give movie reviews, game infomercials and more worthless non computer related crap. G4 has experience in making TV productions by making the show babes look good, but I can see that on regular news broadcast within the U.S. The Screensavers will become history unless a new Tech channel begins to broadcast and buys the rights to the show, but if a new Tech channel was started and G4 was still around the would buy that network thinking they would get more viewers.
stephen d
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, January 20, 2005
you're right; totally and completely right. It is very nice to know somebody shares my beliefs on this matter. I wish I shared your luxury of being a fan for 3 years. I was only a fan a few months before and after the merge. I caught the tail end of the good era and the start of the bad era. Hopefully a good era will begin soon... Somebody needs to call (starting with a tech question) and then just start paraphrasing concepts in your site. That way, the viewers can see that there are other people who share their hate for the g4-screensavers.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
I TOTALLY agree... This show has become quite horrid... As a matter of fact.. the station as a whole has become quite bad since the "Takeover"/"Occupation"... There was a time when my TV would be tuned to TechTV for MANY hours of the day... (I actually have the TechTV logo burned-in my TV to prove it).. I was so hooked that I would actually watch the same show in it's entirety, multiple times a day.. Nowadays it's very rare if my TV is on this station for more than an hour out of a month. I continue to try to watch the show from time to time but just find it VERY hard to sit through the whole program. TSS, CallforHelp, TechLive, and other; Some of my favorite TechTV shows are now either gone or "broken"…. I miss seeing Leo, Pat, Cat, Yoshi, and the whole TechLive Gang. Oh well… I guess we can liken it to the whole mediocrity of society. Same reason why people like William Hung are celebrities… and why VHS won out over Beta….
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, January 13, 2005
I totally aggree, but on the possitive side, we can catch Leo on a canadian program called call for help and it is great. Screen saver is a complete waste of time and has a full fledged downhill target. They do movie reviews for gods sake! Duh!
Jimmi Heiserman
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, January 07, 2005
Is there anywhere on the web you can go to read what the people in question think about this thread? I would love to know what Leo, Patrick, Kevin R, etc. all have to say about the shows mutation. They all have blogs and what not, but do they ever rant about their personal feelings or behind the scenes thoughts pertaining to this? They can't burn all their Hollywood bridges, but I want to know inside scoops and personal anticdotes
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, January 06, 2005
I used to TiVo the show every day... it was one of the reasons I got satellite (at the time it wasn't available on cable in my area) - I had to have my ZDTV (and it got better, I thought, when it became TechTV). Then G4 came in, decided to target the choice demographic of 15 year old boys who think a threesome is when someone owns a PS2, Xbox, AND GameCube (although obviously Kevin and Sarah, with their classy comments and bits, knew better). Patrick was too smart to stick around, and G4 was too dumb/immature to try to keep him. And Leo... what can I say - we all miss Leo!!! I gave the "new" show a try for about 2 weeks - I just couldn't believe it could be so bad. Thank god they brought in an experienced IT pro like Alex to raise the maturity level of the show. After those 2, painful, regretful weeks with Alex and Kevin hosting, I stopped recording it and pretty much deleted G4TechTV from my satellite "favorites". Is there anything worth watching on that channel? I mean, "Icons" has promise when it isn't profiling gamers, but even that show seems to me to be mostly garbage. I decided to revisit to see if they finally dumped Alex and got anyone good. What a shame. This was probably one of, if not THE, best tech show on TV.

(Editor's note: About the only thing worth watching is "Unscrewed", and only that in small doses.)

brucie bonus
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, January 05, 2005
totally agree, Alex drove me nuts to the point I had to tivo the episodes and then transfer it to my pocket pc so that I could fast forward his segments while taking a dump. Man the two new hosts are absolutely terrible. I do like Sarah for her T and A that's for sure. Dan was a complete embarassment, and made me feel embarassed for him when ever he messed up. Otherwise, I'm done with the show, I'll just stick to RSS feeds.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, December 31, 2004
Agreement on most points expressed already. The four minutes of mindless hockey or football gaming at the beginning of the show when Alex joined the crew was simply an insult. The commercials have increased too; gawd I'm glad I record these shows and fast forward thru the commercials. One wonders where in the world do they dredge-up the producers of this mindless nonsense. Do they think that people can't possibly hold a serious thought in their head longer then two mouse clicks.? There was at least as many teenagers and twelve-year olds calling-in to Leo and Patrick as older viewers. I too , as many have already stated, would learn at least one thing from TSS & CFH of the pre-G4 era. Gone are the supremely useful Photoshop and linux tips, in favor of...what -- Yoshi's production of a "pimp" computer? Don't know why I even watch it now, except that I can't believe the show has become such a joke. Note to G4 advertisers: I am in a desirable "demographic" and I will NEVER be your customer! Have any G4 executives stepped forward to explain their "grand corporate vision", that is why they think this is the TV we want, or are they incapable of articulating a complex thought ? Oh never mind, I think we know the answer. Thanks for the opportunity to rant. I will follow this thread.

(Editor's note: Well, you have to admit that seeing Yoshi "pimped out" was pretty pricesless, though the actual mod was very disappointing.)

Rachel the Programmer
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
I used to love this show. I am Canadian and still watch Call For Help all the time, Leo is brilliant. I watched the first few episodes of screen savers after it became G4 and it seriously sucked. It's true that I used to learn tons, now nothing. They are doing movie and game reviews. Not like there's a gazillion TV shows already doing this! I just turned on the screensavers to check it out, last time I watched it was months ago and I turned it off in disgust. Lord help me! Sarah has turned from a relatively normal looking person to a bleach blond, low cut shirt, fake tan, I don't know what. What's next? A full page spread in Maxim and details of her relationship with Kevin (Guhh,, here comes my breakfast back up...). I know this it nit picking as I cannot enumerate the amount of things wrong with this program now, it just seems that Sarah's physical transformation is the physical manifestation of what this show has become. Cheap and glossy with no brains.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, December 29, 2004
All I can say is..... What a shame. I actually grew fond of Kevin rose ans Alex. I thought they made a good team and were atleast focused on something other than games. (though I still prefered leo and patrick) Kevin Pereira truely sucks, I'm watching screensavers to be informed and the retard hosts says "I've never seen the inside of a computer". It just makes me sick. G4techtv just couldn't leave me one show that wasn't about a new play station 2 game. I have grey market canadian sat here in the states so I'm able to see Leo on CFH. That show is good but nearly as good as it used to be. Basically it's the only show left that doesn't make me curse and change the channel after 10 minutes.
Lord Warhammer
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, December 28, 2004
this is all too true and all too sad. I also agree with you on your pain. The days of Leo and Pat hosting, the show was really good. When it became Pat and Kevin, the show was still decent. Unfortunatley when Alex took over I felt the Screensavers took a gun, put it in their mouth, and pulled the trigger. What can I say, Alex sucked. That very day when he began hosting, I stopped watching. I turned it on today to see if it had gotten any better and to my suprise they got new hosts. I know you all are slamming the new hosts, but I still think anyone is still better than Alex.
Andre Verstift
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, December 24, 2004
Hi I used to like to watch Leo and Patrick spare like a couple of techy Samuri warriors and bring in the lowly but intellegent fledglings and bring them up to speed. Like all the former alumini, Kevin......etc. But now i see a bunch of moroons talk about Japanese counter culture.... stupid idiot dolls etc.... Where's the Tech in that. If I were Kevin and Sara I would start pounding the pavement!! The Empire has fallen and the Corporate Bots have taken over !! Big Brother controls All Andre
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, December 24, 2004
I have been watching TSS since Sept '01. It was great until it moved to LA, I didn't like it as much when Alex started, but it was still a decent show, for a while until they started to muck around with the show. When Yoshi made a cheap little lamp out of an old empty CDR spindle, that is when I knew the show had crapped out. I am sure that idea wasn't Yoshi's. I still watch the show, sort of. I PVR it, and watch an average of about 3-5 minutes of each episode. I just can't stand that new Kevin's humour. I never watched Call For Help before, but living in Canada, I watch it all the time now. Leo knows just a little bit more about technology than those 2 new yahoos on TSS. (sarcastically said)
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
I learned lots in the early days with Leo, Pat and Martin. Was more entertained with Kevin R. Alex and Sarah (Alex cracked me and the wife up) Now it is just pure crap and every show is about gaming, I like gaming too, but why does every single show have to be about it?
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
I could not agree more with your opinions. Like a few others, it took a while to get used to Alex, but I actually felt bad when he got canned. G4 forced them to move from San Fran to LA where he was there only, like, 5 months and kicked to the curb. Anyway, yesterday I was able to stomach 4 minutes of the show. I'm also a technician who got some good stuff from TSS, but now the only thing you learn is what came out on DVD this week and useless knowledge from NCIS actors. I hope Kevin R. and Sarah have some jobs lined up, because I can't see this lasting much longer.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Yes, it is terrrible now. I watched it on a regular basis and would learn lots of great stuff. After the main crew left, I stopped watching. Today I flipped it on and it was probably the worst TV I've seen in a while. The two new co-hosts are really really bad. It's amazing how a network can take something great and make it awful!
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Sunday, December 19, 2004
I used to watch the show religiously when Leo, Pat, and Martin were all together. But after Leo left, that little punk took over and it just went to pot. It's funny, but I'm a Mac user, and Leo always made sure there was some good tip for us, but EVERY thing they talked about interested me. I always felt like K Rose was uninterested in the audience. Too bad - I wish the original cast would get together on another network and start again. I've noticed the entire network has gone downhill.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, December 17, 2004
I agree with everything I have just read and would like to echo something commented on above. When I watched TSS from the days of old, like before summer, I actually learned from the show!! It was much more than just entertainment and that's what drew me to tuning in. Plus there was Call For Help, which was not nearly as technical as TSS but Leo and Cat were a pretty good team (wonder where she is? Maybe still writing articles for Stuff Magazine.) So, yeah, I watch now just to see what happens next. Alex took a little getting used to but the new Kevin P. and Chi-Lan are awful. Atleast have hosts that have an idea of what a computer is and how it works. ZDTV, TECHTV,G4TECHTV, RIP. :o(
Dan Huard
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Friday, December 17, 2004
(sniff) I want my job back.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, December 16, 2004
I agree strongly with the comments posted here. G4 has completely ruined TSS. If I ever watch this show now, it's only to laugh at what it has become. I feel a little badly for Kevin Rose. I get the impression that he is the kind of guy who likes to be involved in tech stuff--getting his hands on the latest technology, answering tech questions, etc. But now his status seems to have been reduced to that of a side-show circus gimp. He's just wasting his time making vodka filters.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Saturday, December 11, 2004
Dag, it sees like everything is going down the tubes lately. I was considering asking my dad to sign up for that cahnnel, but it seems rather useless now.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, December 09, 2004
I agree with you completely. I am a computer technician and used to love watching the show. I would learn at least one thing every night. I don't think I've learned a thing in the last few months watching the show. It was still tolerable with Kevin and Alex.....barely.......but with these 2 new hosts it's just a waste of time. I watched them maybe twice and had enough. Great show, RUINED! I was scared of that when I first heard about the G4 merger. The whole channel just appeals to kiddie gamers now. Not to put down games, I love em! Just not the ones the 12 year olds play. Oh well...hopefully something else will come along..
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, December 09, 2004
I agree with you. The show was bad when Kevin and Alex were hosting. But at least they were trying, now the show offers nothing for tech people. It is nothing more than a boring video game. I have watched a couple of times hoping that something good would come up. Well it seems that won't come to pass.
Bill B
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, December 09, 2004
I am a 56-year-old computer admin and a regular viewer of the ScreenSavers until recently. It is hard to believe that every new change to the show brings it down to a new low. I learned something from the shows of the past, but now it nothing buy junk. I really think the intent is to cancel the show and use the channel for some other purpose in the future. I have Comcast Cable for Internet. I would expect retaliation if I could be identified.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Thursday, December 09, 2004
you're right about kevin pereira and Chi Lan, but I didn't think Kevin Rose and Alex were all that bad. I do agree that what they did with Leo was a shame, but since I'm in Canada I can still see him on Call for Help.
The ScreenSavers: Why It Now Sucks
Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I didn't know It had gone that far down hill....I quit watching it after they lost Leo. One of the things I liked most about the screen savers, was their web page. You could find just about anything from that site. after G4 took over its been renderd compleatly useless. My hope is that they pull tech tv from the air and hopefully something good will replace it....

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