How To Remove The Clock/Idiot Light Trim

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This piece of trim is most commonly removed to perform the clock fix. Often it is broken by improper removal procedures. The correct procedure is presented below.


Step 1 - Make the tool
A screwdriver is too hard a tool to use for prying, so making a proper tool is the best idea. Get a clean popsical stick. Now use sand paper to taper one end. You should be working towards a wooden flat head screwdriver. Once that is done, wrap one layer of masking tape around the tapered end.
Step 2 - Remove the trim
Do not pry the center or you will crack it. Pry at the corners as this is where the clips are located. Start at the front. Pry up each corner carefully, and then grasp the whole front with your hands are carefully pull it up and slightly forward. Work slowly or you will crack the trim.


1. Installation is reverse of the removal. Simply put the trim in place, line it up and then evenly push down both corners. It should snap into place.

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