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The console surround on the '86-'88 RX-7 is very brittle and often broken when removed improperly. The 89+ cars have a much more forgiving piece of trim, but are still breakable. This simple instruction will tell you how to remove the trim without breaking it.


Step 1 - Remove the vents
Remove the vents above the climate controls (the "logicon"). I have found the easiest way to do this is to just get a grip on the sides with your hands and tug sharply out. It should pop out with very little effort. A small screwdriver can be used to aid in removal, but it is easier to break with the pinpoint of stress the screwdriver puts on the vent.
Step 2 - Remove shifter boot
Remove the shifter boot. Again, you should be able to get at it by slightly bending the front to fit your fingers underneath. A screwdriver can be used to pry up the sides, but you risk cracking the plastic. It should unclip with little effort.
Step 3 - Remove ash tray
Remove the ash tray by simply lifting it out.
Step 4 - Remove the screws
There are two screws located at the top. These are angled down and accessible through the vent opening. Remove these first, then remove the two at the bottom uncovered by the removal of the ash tray.
Step 5 - Disconnect wires
Pull the wiring harness off of the cigarette lighter and remove the bulb from the older. The harness simply pulls off, but the bulb must be twisted to disengage the locking pins.
Step 6 - Remove the surround
The surround is now free. Remove it by carefully pulling forward. It may hang up in a few areas as crud, dash cleaner and other things may have built up. Wiggling it slightly will free it.


1. Installation is reverse of the removal. Connect the wires for the cigarette lighter and install the bulb. This is the worst part. That bulb can be a real headache to get back in. The trick is to pus while twisting it back and forth. Eventually the locking pins will engage. With the wiring in, put the trim back in place, snug up the screws (not tight or you will crack the plastic) and reinstall the shifter boot by pushing firmly down. It will click into place. Now reinstall the vents by pushing them straight in.

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