Project Tina, Jun 9th, 2002: Fuel Pump, Oil and Water, TID, S-AFC, BOV

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The final set of pictures before I start the car. The only thing left to do is the downpipe, which will be done this week. There are a few little things like reinstalling the plastic air defectors around the rad, cleanup, and stuff like that, but all the real work is done. I plan to start the car next weekend, which will give me time to wash it :) and think about anything that I have missed.

The NA fuel pump removed. This was quite a chore due to the rusted bolts. I used a combination of WD-40, a chisel, hammer, Sears Damaged Screw Removers and luck to get them out.

The NA fuel pump assembly.

A comparison of the FD (green) and NA (gold) fuel pumps.

FD fuel pump installed on NA bracket. Fits like it was designed for the car. Oh wait, it was. :)

FD fuel pump assembly reinstalled. Note copious used of blue gasket goo to prevent leaks. Also, stainless steel screws were used to prevent the rust problems which made the originals so hard to remove.

Hacked TII oil and water lines.

Various views of the oil and water lines on the turbo.

Strawberry painted and installed permanently.

Turbo bolted in for the last time. The last bolt (upper front) was a nightmare, requiring the manufacture of a custom stubby wrench to tighten. Not something I want to do often.

Lower intercooler pipe insalled and secure via hose clamps.

Closeup of lower intercooler pipe connected to intercooler.

Apex'I blowoff valve and custom mounting flange.

Welding the mounting flange onto upper intercooler pipe.

Turbo oil and water lines installed, as well as thick rerouted heater hose. The heater hose needed to be moved because the wastegate for the turbo assembly does not allow the stock metal pipe to fit.

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