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This circuit attempts to liven up mono sound sources by simulating a stereo signal. It does this by shifting certain frequencies between left and right to fool the ear. It can often produce a passable mock stereo sound to bring some depth to otherwise flat recordings. Of course, there is no way to produce real stereo sound from a purely mono source unless the synthesizer had a way to tell which direction the original sound came from, but an illusion is generally enough for all but the hard core audiophile.


This is the schematic of the Stereo Synthesizer


Total Qty.
R114.7K 1/4W Resistor
R2110K 1/4W Resistor
R3112K 1/4W Resistor
R4, R6222K 1/4W Resistor
R5111.K 1% 1/4W Resistor
R7116K 1/4W Resistor
R81100K 1/4W Resistor
R9124K 1/4W Resistor
R10118K 1/4W Resistor
C110.1uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
C2, C320.47uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
C4, C5, C730.01uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
C610.013uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
C8, C924.7uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C1010.22uF Capacitor
C11147uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
C121100uF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
D11LED (Red, Green or Orange)
U11TBA3810 (442-794)
S11SPDT Switch
S21SPST Switch
J1, J2, J33RCA JackOther suitable jack
MISC1PC Board, Wire, Case, Holder for D1, Socket for U1


  1. This circuit was sent in by oRbEq (email address unavailable).
  2. S2 controls power to the circuit. Switching S1 to ground bypasses the circuit and outputs mono sound to both output jacks. Setting S1 to R1 enables the synthesized stereo sound at the outputs.
  3. The circuit draws very little current and can thus be powered by most any well filtered 9V-12V source (including a standard 9V radio battery).

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tell the name of 2nd ic
Saturday, July 09, 2016 4:38:07 AM
i'm in india i have found some fm redio with two ic one is Hwcat cxa1619bs the second one is.. i dont that ic name upone that ic it has written 3810 BEL 9BC can u pls tell that name of that ic pls
Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Sunday, November 30, 2014 8:56:52 AM
If the editor took the time to leave a smart comment, why not update the parts list at the same time?

(Editor's notes: What's up with the parts list?)

Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 3:16:08 PM
...and it's still not been changed. Typical of a couldn't care attitude which is increasing on WEB!

(Editor's notes: Because you know, operating the largest independent electronics site on the Internet is not time consuming at all, and a tiny error like this is just so high on the priority list because there's absolutely nothing else needed on the site at all at the moment.)

Mono To Stereo Synthesizer > Where is the IC?
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 2:15:39 PM
I am having trouble finding this IC (TBA3810) to build this circuit. I need your help if you help me find sources on how to get this IC. This IC sounds very rare and discontinued. I will be using this circuit for low power part 15 broadcast on FM to take music that is mono and turn it into stereo, and also use it for my WiFI radio, connect it to an low powered stereo headphone amplifer to hear talk shows in stereo.

(Editor's notes: There is a mistake in the parts list. The part number should be TDA not TBA. Will fix this soon...)

Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Sunday, February 08, 2009 4:26:32 PM
hi, I can replace the tda3810? I live in Portugal and I can get this ic...
what is the TBA3810 (442-794)
Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:33:18 PM
Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Friday, February 08, 2008 6:14:09 AM
*what is a value of C13?
Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 4:44:56 AM
C13 = 0.033uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Monday, December 03, 2007 9:59:59 AM
what is the value of c13
david paolo
Mono To Stereo Synthesizer
Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:53:43 AM
any substitute for the tba3810 ic?
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