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MS3-Pro Installation Video

As part of my '76 RX-5 Cosmo Restoration, I installed an MS3-Pro provided to me by DIYAutoTune. While the resulting video covers the install on an originally carbureted Cosmo, almost all the steps are very similar to installing an MS3-Pro (Or MS1, MS2, or any other standalone really) on any rotary. Therefore, the video will probably be of great help for those who wish to see the whole process before beginning their own installation.

Part 24: MegaSquirt MS3-Pro Installation - My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration
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Helpful MegaSquirt Forums

Megasquirt MSEXTRA / MS3EFI Forum
This is the main support forum for MSnS Extra, MSExtra and MS3 firmware for all versions of the Megasquirt. It's a great place to go for general Megasquirt questions, to see other people's experiences, and to keep up to date with the latest firmwares.

MSEFI Forums
The MSEFI.COM forum is the official support forum for Megasquirt MS1 and MS2 running original B & G firmware. While not nearly as active as the MSExtra forums and not really applicable to us as we are using the MSExtra firmware, it nevertheless contains a wealth of historical knowledge and EFI theory in general. Megasquirt Forum
The Megasquirt subforum on is the place to go for rotary Megasquirt info. It is very active with participants including the Megasquirt firmware authors, vendors, and myself. There is a large base of knowledge available by using the search feature and a community ready to answer any questions.

Megasquirt Information

DIYAutoTune Megasquirt Information
DIYAutoTune has an excellent series of Megasquirt articles covering everything from setting up TunerStudio to tuning idle to common Megasquirt modifications. A must read for anyone who is interested in furthering their Megasquirt knowledge.

DIYAutoTune - How to MegaSquirt your Mazda FC RX-7
DIYAutoTune has an article on the basics of how to Megasquirt an 2nd gen RX-7. While not a step by step like this writeup, it contains all the important connections and settings and is typically updated quicker as new firmwares or Megasquirt versions come out than this writeup.

Megasquirt Vendors

DIY Auto Tune
It's no secret that I buy all my Megasquirt from DIYAutoTune. And the reason is that DIYAutoTune is simply the best vendor I have ever dealt with online for anything. Their customer service is excellent and they ship quickly.

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How To Megasquirt Your 2nd Gen RX-7
Prerequisites And Requirements
Parts List
Building and/or Modding The Megasquirt MS1/MS2
Modding And Setting Up Megasquirt MS3X
Remove Stock Wiring and ECU
Modify Stock Wiring
Mount The Megasquirt ECU
Install CLT and IAT Sensors
Wire The Megasquirt MS1/MS2 Harness Into The Car
Wire The Megasquirt MS3/MS3-Pro Harness Into The Car
Wire The ECU Panel, Wideband and Fuel Pump
Reassemble The Engine Bay
Programming The ECU (MS1)
Programming The ECU (MS2)
Programming The ECU (MS3X / MS3-Pro)
Starting The Car For The First Time
Basic Tuning
Installation Video and Resources
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